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Selections for the Yellow Matelasse Coverlet or Bedspread

yellow matelasse beddingLooking for a yellow matelasse coverlet?  Look no more.  Or, would you prefer a bold or pale yellow matelasse bedspread?  We have made our selections.  Before you buy, I encourage you to take a good look at the patterns.

In full disclosure, I must say that matelasse is my favorite of all the bedding styles and fabrics.  With that out of the way, what could possibly be more welcoming during the spring and summer months that matelasse in yellow!

Our selections to the right show the many shades of yellow that can be found in matelasse.  Whether you select the sunshine yellow or the true yellow or buttercup or the darker gold, there is a shade of yellow that is ideal for the home decorator looking to freshen up a bedroom.

Why Select a Yellow Matelasse Coverlet

Depending on what you are needing to spruce up the bedroom decor, a simple yet elegant coverlet may be all you need.  Not the full size of a bedspread, the coverlet more or less adds elegance to a bedroom that only needs a touch up for the season.  The coverlet has become more and more popular as bedding has taken on the finished look only provided by layers.  Additionally, I find that using several layers during the months when the weather and temperature changes frequently keeps me from becoming chilled in the night or overheated.

The Elegance of the Yellow Matelasse Bedspread

As you browse the four selections to the right, please note that many of the selections in white shown below the yellow are available in a shade of yellow or gold.  The primary purpose of displaying the white selections is to allow you to browse all the shades of yellow and patterns available.

There is no fabric that can add such a punch to an otherwise dull bedroom as can matelasse.  Yellow is the color of the season when needing to brighten and lighten a bedroom.  Yet, as you browse each of our selections, please note that many are shown in combination with other colors.  Perhaps, that is what makes yellow such a wonderful choice.

If your walls are blue, you can select a yellow matelasse coverlet or bedspread and tie the room together with blue matelasse pillow shams. Or, you can select sheets that have both yellow and blue — stripes or florals.

If your walls are pink, adding a yellow bedspread and pink shams will remind you of a garden in bloom.  Green?  Just add a bedspread in yellow, toss in a couple of green European shams and the decor is set.

How to Work with Yellow Matelasse Bedspreads

The most important thing to remember when working with matelasse to set the tone of the decor is that although the matelasse fabric is a solid color, the pattern is what will determine the overall feel of the room.  Selecting a closely stitched pattern will add more shadows to the look and in some cases will make the room more formal in appearance.  In other cases, a loosely scrolled stitch can create a casual look and feel.

Look carefully as the patterns when making a decision on the yellow matelasse bedding.  Some may be overwhelming.  Others may not be sufficient for the style of the room.  But, I am sure there is one that is just right.

If yellow is a new color to the bedroom decor, select a pillow or sham in the same matelasse pattern but in another color — maybe the color of the walls or select a complementary color.

Adding floral patterned sheets in the colors of the bedspread, coverlet, shams or pillows will tie the decor together.  Of course, using sheets in a solid color could also bring the room together.  Just select the appropriate color.