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Yellow Comforter Selections

Yellow comforters and yellow comforter sets are ideal for spring and summer.  Add a fresh look by brightening the bedroom to accommodate the warmer seasons.  Nothing brings the sunshine into the bedroom like an ensemble featuring a yellow comforter, whether in solid or multi-colors.  Whether you select the single comforter or opt for the entire bedding ensemble, there are plenty of selections from which to choose.

Mizone Allison Set
Twin, Full/Queen

Ikat Trina Turk Set

Chatham Chenille Bedspread Set
Twin, Full, Queen

Milano Matelasse
Twin, Full, Queen, King

Portofino Matelasse
Twin, Full, Queen, King

Mer de Rose
Twin, Full/Queen, King

The Solid Yellow Comforter

Our selections begin with a bright yellow comforter.  Made of chenille, this set radiates bright yellow as if it has captured the rays of the sun.  The weight of the fabric keeps it from appearing too full or too fluffy while giving clean lines that will work well in most bedrooms, even the more formal styles.

The accent pillows are in the same fabric and are available from the same manufacturer.  When selecting solid colors that need accents in solid colors, going to the same manufacturer is always the best option.  As shown, the tone of the yellow is similar to that of the pink pillow shams.  Using a variety of colors to accent the yellow comforter set is quite appropriate.  However, it is important to keep the style the same.  Only the print pillows are of a different fabric.

This yellow comforter set is ideal for a mature bedroom.  In some teen’s bedrooms this shade of yellow could work.  However, as with many light shades that are solid, dirt and soil will show more than on a darker set.  Stains can easily be disguised in a print pattern, but are hard to hide on solid color fabrics that are this light.

Combining Colors and Patterns for a Fresh Look

The yellow and khaki comforter set to the left is an understated shabby chic style with a floral patterned comforter and a check bed skirt.  With two predominant colors — creamy yellow and khaki — the patterns define the look and the feel.  To complete this decor for the bedroom, find a solid color upholstered chair in khaki or a close shade of brown and add a few yellow accessory pieces.  Be careful to stay within the color scheme to keep the shabby chic from just looking shabby.

The buttery yellow comforter set to the left offers a solid comforter and pillow sham and floral sheets and pillows.  Note that the bed skirt is solid and matches the comforter.  This is a perfect example of country cottage style.

The difference between the styling in the shabby chic and country cottage styling is that the first has a variety of patterns with two colors while the second has a variety of colors with fewer patterns.

The gray and yellow comforter to the left shows how easy it is to use yellow as an accent without it being too dominate when combined with gray.  The comforter set is cool and refreshing in visual appeal without being dull and uninteresting.

Note that the gray background of the comforter almost perfectly matches the color of the walls.  This is the key to making the yellow accent on the gray stand out.

Blue and yellow comforters are among the most popular of selections because of the variety in styles available.  The example directly to the left is a combination of aqua and yellow with rose added as the accent color.  Again, it is important to note that the tone of the yellow and the tone of the aqua are approximately equal.

The exaggerated paisley print is not only colorful but demonstrates a modern contemporary design.  However, blue and yellow can also represent a more refined and subdued shabby chic style as shown in the blue and yellow comforter ensemble to the left.

Of course, there are many yellow comforters that work well with reds, greens, and other colors.

Yellow comforters come in a variety of shades from the bright to the pale, from the solid to the multicolor.  For anyone who needs to brighten a bedroom or add a little life to a dull decor, selecting a comforter set that includes yellow will do the trick.