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Why Purchase Yarn Dyed Flannel Sheets for the Bedroom

Knowing what to look for when purchasing flannel bedding can increase the life of the sheets, pillow cases or the comforter.  While flannel is one of the favorite bedding fabrics for winter, most of us select our sheets or other linens based solely on appearance.  Most of us shop looking for the color or pattern that will complement our room decor considering little else.

Solid Color Flannel Sheets (Yarn Dyed)

Solid Color Flannel Sheets (Yarn Dyed)

As discussed earlier flannel bedding is purchased according to weight rather than thread count.  The average flannel pillow case or sheet is has a weight of about four ounces or 160 grams.  In most parts of the country this weight will be sufficient for a good night of sleep during the winter months.

If there is one cautionary point to make it is that especially when purchasing flannel for the kids room it is advisible not to purchase flannel bedding that greatly exceeds the four ounce weight.  If there is one concern it is that our children will become too warm during the night and not sleep as well.  Flannel is warm and the heavier the weight the warmer the bedding.  It is always better to use layers than depending on a single piece of bedding to supply all the warmth.

Yarn Dyed Flannel for Bedding

Yarn Dyed Striped Flannel Sheets

Yarn Dyed Striped Flannel Sheets

Yarn dyed flannel is probably the best purchase for longevity of color when selecting flannel bedding.  Yarn dyed flannel simply means that the threads are dyed before the fabric is made.  Each thread receives the benefit of the dying process.  As such the color saturates the strands and is locked in.  With proper care the yarn dyed flannel should fade less and maintain its brilliant color longer.

How to Recognize Yarn Dyed Flannel

Flannel bedding that is a solid color, a striped pattern or a plaid pattern is yarn dyed.  Upon examination it is quite easy to determine if the flannel is yarn dyed.

What to look for:

  • Solid color
  • Striped pattern
  • Plaid pattern
  • Color vibrance is the same on the top side as well as the bottom side of the fabric

How Recognize Flannel that Is Not Yarn Dyed

  • Flower patterns
  • Other patterns that do not display straight lines
  • Pattern is shown on one side or much more predominantly on top side
Print Flannel Sheets are Warm and Often a First Choice.  Print Flannel Sheets are Not Yarn Dyed.

Print Flannel Sheets are Warm and Often a First Choice. Print Flannel Sheets are Not Yarn Dyed.

Yarn dyed flannel is exactly what the phrase implies.  Each strand of yarn was individually dyed.  Patterns that have curves or circles, flowers or individual designs are not yarn dyed.  Instead, the patterns are applied after the fabric has been woven.  As with percale, the pattern is sprayed on and will only show on the top side of the sheet.

Proper care of flannel sheets and pillow cases will help keep the color vibrant and the texture pill resistant.  However, over an extended period time the yarn dyed flannel will retain the color better than the flannel with the sprayed designs.

This is not to say that one should not purchase the flannel bedding with the pretty patterns.  Flannel bedding with floral designs will last and hold their color for quite some time.  They are perfectly suitable for any bedroom.  Just as with any bedding ensemble or bed in a bag, it is suggested that extra sheets and pillow cases in solid colors be purchased to complement the patterned comforter.

By purchasing the solid flannel sheets as an alternative, the patterned sheets will “get a rest” and hold their color better and longer.  We have all seem the bedroom ensemble where the comforter or pillow shams look as good as the day they were purchased and the sheets and pillow cases have begun to lose their luster.  Purchasing extra sets of solid colored sheets and pillow cases in complementary colors can help prevent this.