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White Summer Bedding: Cool, Crisp, Clean

There is nothing more welcoming in summer than cool, crisp, clean white bedding.

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White bedding is the ultimate for summer. When the days and nights are hot, there is nothing more welcoming than white bedding.

We have selected our favorites, from the simple clean lines to soft ruffles. Of course, in reality, white bedding is most ideal for a master bedroom or a guest room where traffic is low. While beautiful in a child’s bedroom or a teen’s room, it is not practical if the young one spends time in the room reclining or playing on the bed.

White Bedding for the Feminine Bedroom

feminine white summer bedding

What could be more feminine for summer than this lovely white summer bedding set with quilted pillow shams and quilted center panel of bedspread and drop ruffles?

Made of cotton sateen, this ensemble is certain to please. Cool, crisp, and feminine!

It is available in all sizes.



White Summer Bedding Combines with Accents

White bedding is like working with a clean canvas. It can be used in a monotone of white on white for the most pristine of bedrooms. Selecting pastel throw pillows will add a soft touch of color that can coordinate the walls and other accessories with the bedding.

Of course, for those among us who require a burst of color, select a bold solid color such a red, green, blue, or yellow to draw visual focus.

The possibilities are endless.

***Be sure to check out our White Summer Matelasse bedding selections. You won’t be disappointed

Cotton blankets and White Bedding

The real beauty of white bedding during the warmer months is the combination with lightweight cotton blankets. With cotton blankets being so affordable and no longer boring as an accessory, the possibilities of combinations expand. Select two or three lightweight blankets in blending colors or complementary colors to coordinate with the bedroom decor for a statement that will express your tastes and provide cover in incremental layers.

A cotton blanket, in a color and weave that entices, can be used as a throw across a chair to tie the decor together.

Decide what you want. Decide what you need. Them paint the canvas of white bedding to suit your style and taste.