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White Matelasse Bedding Defines Elegance

For the home decorator who wants to design the elegant bedroom with a pure and formal appeal, white matelasse bedding is the answer.  We all know by now that matelasse is one of the most elegant fabrics, especially when used as part of the bedroom decor.  Before going into depth about white matelasse bedspreads, I must first say that for those who are not ready to invest in the full matelasse bed set, trying a white matelasse coverlet could be a reasonable test.

The matelasse coverlet is one of the most beneficial articles when deciding on the fabric.  It is smaller than a bedspread and more or less serves as a blanket or as the name infers, a coverlet.  Although most of us will immediately become infatuated with the high quality and luxurious appeal of matelasse, for those less familiar a matelasse coverlet is the ideal place to start.  Although our selections show bedspreads, most are available as coverlets.

The white matelasse bedspread is usually the first item that comes to mind once we have decided to go with white bedding.  Our top selections are shown below.  Take a look at the patterns.  Look closely.  The pattern is what creates the look and feel of the bedroom when using white matelasse.

White Lattice
Twin, Full/Queen, King

White Milano
Twin, Full, Queen, King

Twin, Full, Queen, King

Twin, Full, Queen, King

William and Mary
Twin, Full, Queen, King

Summer Blossoms
Twin, Full, Queen, King


The Florentina pattern shown first is a simple pattern that fulfills the requirements.  Obviously, as one looks at the patterns we selected it is easy to see that the Florentina pattern is one that is more casual than some, making it ideal for the bedroom that needs texture but does not need a busy pattern.

On the other hand, the William and Mary selection is perfect for the home decor that rests in the Colonial era style and is far more formal.  The Antique Medallion pattern is another that will work well with the more formal setting.

Of course, I do not presume to know which is best for your bedroom, but I will encourage all to take the time to compare patterns and imagine it in the bedroom to be decorated.

Using the White Matelasse Bedspread

Where and when to use the white matelasse bedspread is solely up to the individual.  With that in mind — and from experience — I will offer a few suggestions.

Although these bedspreads are washable (in most cases) remember that white will show soil quicker and more obviously than other colors, even ivory or ecru.  For that reason alone, I would never use white, especially white matelasse in a teen’s bedroom.  In fact, I do not even use it in my master bedroom.

I reserve the white matelasse for the guest bedroom.  There is less use and less chance of it getting soiled.  For those who wish to impress their guests, selecting a white matelasse bedspread will make a stunning impression.

Although many of the picture settings of our selections show the bedding being used in bedrooms with lighter color walls, the white spread makes an exceptional visual in a room with darker walls.  In the warmer regions where tropical colors are often used on the walls or for those who are comfortable enough with their personal taste in decor to select a deep, dark blue or a dark sage green, the white matelasse is a marvelous choice.

Mixing and Matching Matelasse Bedspreads, Bed Skirts, and Pillows

When selecting the white bedspread it is quite fashionable to select a bed skirt in a different color, perhaps a color that complements the walls.  Most of the pictures of our selections show either the bed skirt and pillow shams in a complementary color.  Mix the colors to suit your needs, but do not mix the patterns.

When shopping for the pattern of choice, be sure to check for the pattern in other colors that you can use in the bedroom.  That is one of the wonders of buying matelasse.  Few other fabrics will mix and match so well.

Why White Matelasse Bedding Is a Top Selection

Most of us are still using incandescent lighting in the bedroom.  These soft lights offer a special effect with white matelasse fabric.  The raised quilted effect of matelasse creates shadows across the bedding, albeit ever so subtly.  With a light on the night stand, the pattern of the fabric will be highlighted and shadowed to offer the full effect visually of the fabric.  While this holds true of matelasse across the color spectrum, it is especially noticeable when white is the selection.