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When to Choose a Dust Ruffle to Complement Bedding

It goes without saying that dust ruffles are not suitable for every bedroom decor.  Dust ruffles are best suited for a girl’s bedroom.  They are particularly popular with teens and complement most teen bedding designed for those picky teenage girls.

Bed with canopy and dust ruffle

Bed with canopy and dust ruffle

Dust ruffles are also well received in a bedroom that is inhabited by an adult woman.  In some case, when the ruffle effect is minimal the dust ruffle may serve well in a room for a man and woman.  However, most men will do not enjoy a bedroom that is too fluffy and frilly.  For the married woman who wants frills it is suggested that the more feminine decor be left to a guest room.

While dust ruffles add another dimension to the bedroom in smaller bedrooms where the bed is prominent it may be best to either forego the dust ruffle or select a bed skirt.  The ruffles along the base of the bed may be most charming but they can also be overwhelming in some rooms.

For bedrooms large enough to support a decor that includes a canopy a dust ruffle is often an agreeable addition.  For the bed that is higher a dust ruffle is often a good complement as it hides the tall space between the bed frame and the floor.

Dust ruffles are also amenable to bedrooms that are decorated in the shabby chic tradition or those bedrooms that have a Victorian decor.  Often the dust ruffle is used with the Romantic decor as it adds to the softness of a room.

When considering a dust ruffle with bedroom decor one should consider how much added visual weight the ruffle will give to the lower area of the room.  It is important to keep a positive visual balance.  To help with the balance in a smaller room or a room with a standard height ceiling the dust ruffle could be the color of the carpet or complementary rather than used as an accent for color.

Dust ruffles have long been a beautiful finishing touch to many decors.  When purchased with careful consideration they can add a bit of class to almost any room.