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What to Look for in Summer Bedding

When it comes to summer bedding look for lighter colors, softer floral prints, solid pastels and cotton bedding.

Lighter Colors for Summer Bedding

Best Selling White Summer BeddingSummer bedding should offer a cooling effect in the bedroom. Selecting lighter colors and lighter weights is the key to creating a welcoming environment during the hottest months of the year.

The selections should be based on common sense based on the region of the country where one lives. For example, in the deep south it makes perfect sense to select the lightest of colors. Imagine coming in from a hot day picnicking or working in the garden, taking a shower, and heading to bed. After enduring the heat of the day, what could be more welcoming than cool, soft, white sheets and a white or pastel coverlet?

In the more northern areas where a night time cover may be necessary, select a lightweight duvet and light colored duvet cover.

Pastel colors are ideal for those among us who do not want to go with solid whites. Just remember, that the colors should be inviting and suggest a more comfortable temperature than the heat of the day.

Grand Fleur Matelasse Summer BeddingWhile looking for lighter colors, it is also important to note that if you find the color in nature, it blends perfectly with other surrounding colors. Many of us, through past dictates, have stuck with a few limited combinations of colors as acceptable. While the idea of two or three colors being sufficient for the bedroom decor, it is important to note that neutral colors are those we find in nature.  Freedom to pick and choose from the pallet is now widely accepted.

Floral Prints for Summer Bedding

Hint of Floral Summer BeddingWhile many of us love the lush patterns of tropical prints, it is important to understand that in the tropical areas, more and more often bedrooms are created around solid colors in pastel colors, often with little or no pattern. That is not to say that we should avoid tropical prints. They have been and will continue to be quite popular, but it is suggested that a tropical print not overwhelm the bedroom decor.

Floral prints are the interior representation of an English garden, a French country yard, or perhaps your own yard.  The comforter or the bedspread is the garden. The bedroom is the landscape. However, the trend is to keep the prints less busy and lighter in shade during the heat of summer.

Design your bedroom garden as you design your outdoor garden. Some of us prefer large clusters of wildflowers, combining colors and shapes and sizes. Others prefer a garden with a single color bloom against the lighter green background. Others are comfortable with a garden carefully designed with two or three colors of blooms.

In other words, whatever is a comfortable design in your flower garden is probably a comfortable design for the bedroom. Create an inner garden to enjoy when night falls.

Using Solid Color Pastels in Summer Bedding

Some bedrooms are quite small and cannot successfully contain a garden in full bloom.  The answer to that is to create the blank canvas on the bed and accent with the tropical floral patterns.

Select your favorite pastel color. Find a solid color comforter or bedspread. Paint your canvas with the colors of choice using the pastel color of the comforter as the accent to tie the room together and show continuity of theme.

Using Combination Prints for Summer Bedding

While combinations of stripes and floral prints are always popular, it must be suggested that a heavy combination creates a feeling of warmth, not one of coolness. Combine with caution during the summer months, as shown in the picture above left.

One possibility is to separate the striped dust ruffle and the floral print bedspread or quilt into two different ensembles. Add a solid color coverlet to a striped dust ruffle and a new ensemble has been created for summer. Or, select a dust ruffle in the lightest shade found in the floral print rather than using a striped one.

Spreading out the patterns and softening the colors will create a more inviting bedroom decor during the warm months.

Summer Fabrics

Cotton, cotton, cotton! It is that simple. Cotton is cool. Cotton wicks moisture away from the body. Cotton, even when layered, is preferred for night time comfort. And regardless of the visual appeal on seeks, sleep comfort should be the primary objective.