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What Is a Duvet?

what is a duvet?

The King Size Duvet

Comforter or duvet? Which is the right choice for your bedroom decor?  What is a duvet?  We are all familiar with comforters, but duvets often leave us questioning what we are actually looking for.

Often the terms “comforter” and “duvet” are used interchangeably.  However, there is a difference.  A comforter is a fluffy bed cover often used in lieu of a blanket or quilt.  A duvet serves the same or similar purpose.

So, What Is a Duvet?

What distinguishes a duvet is that it is filled with down.  In fact the word “duvet” is derived from the word “down.”

There are ads for down alternative filled comforters.  Unless there is a weight given to the comforter, in ounces and a number to describe the down fill power chances are the comforter is filled with synthetics or synthetic down.

*** Occasionally, in today’s market, the duvet is referred to as a down filled comforter.  That is a duvet!  The reason for the description being as it is reflects the lack of use of the word “duvet” in many parts of the country.

The duvet is filled with duck or goose down and is far more lofty or fluffy than a comforter.  That has to do with the down fill power.

As shown in the picture (above left) the duvet is separated into square sections with each being filled with down.  The reason for the seams and the square or diamond shape sections is to keep the down spread uniformly throughout the duvet.  Without the sections all the down could settle at the bottom corner of the duvet.

Notice that the duvet appears quite fluffy and airy, unlike a comforter which appears more compact.

What is a Duvet Cover?

A duvet cover is a removable outer covering for the duvet.  The cover can be removed for cleaning without having to wash or dry clean the entire duvet which can be quite a chore and in some cases destroy the fill power of the down.

Below are a few of our duvet selections.  Before purchasing, especially if this is a first time, learn about the down fill power by following the link at the end of the article.  The down fill power actually determines how much warmth the duvet can provide.  In some parts of the country a “summer weight” duvet is adequate for winter.

Below are a selection of down filled duvets that range from the lightest weight (lightest fill power) to the warmest.  Your selection should be based on how warm you need the duvet to be and that often depends on where you live.

Twin, Full/Queen, King
Lightweight, Siberian Goose Down Filled

Twin, F/Q, K
Medium Weight, Siberian Goose Down Filled

Full/Queen, King
Heavy Weight Siberian Goose Down Filled

To learn more about down and the key terms and phrases that refer to down products read What You Need to Know About Down Before You Buy.