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Turquoise and White Bedding, Cool Comfort

When considering a shade of blue for the bedroom, especially for the warmer months or for those who live near a lake or along the coastline, turquoise and white bedding can be the perfect choice.  It keeps us in the spectrum of blue, but brings a little extra something to the bedroom.  I have selected a few of my favorite designs for the season to share.

Turquoise and White Bedding Selections

Trina Turk Trellis

Twin, queen, King
Mizone Florentine

Twin/TXL, Full/Queen
Trina Turk Horizontal Stripe

Twin, Full, Queen, King
Cheetah Collection

Twin, Full, Queen, King
Trina Turk Santorini

Twin, Full, Queen, King
Bar III Ruffled Cover

Twin, Queen, King
Mizone Libra

Twin/TwinXL, Full/Queen
Trina Turk Blue Peacock

Twin, Queen, King

The Solid Turquoise Comforter or Duvet Cover

solid turquoise comforterThe solid turquoise comforter to the left is a great selection, especially for the home decorator who has confidence to create a decor from scratch, so to speak.  The accent pillows are done in white with a trim that will play well into the setting.

I consider starting with a solid comforter much like making biscuits from scratch.  You have the turquoise and white bedding setbasic ingredients and it is left to the cook — in this case the decorator — to add the right amount of each ingredient to create a decor that suits his or her taste.

With one of our solid comforter selections adding crisp white sheets and accent pillows will cool the room decor for the summer months.

There are so many possibilities when one starts out with simplicity.  As one can tell from the pictures there are many shades of turquoise — one that is just right for your decor.

Turquoise and White Bedding Selection

turquoise and white bedding selectionThe regular pattern of our turquoise and white bedding selection offers a plethora of options.  Bringing the two colors together in the comforter ensemble gives the decorator the option of selecting a single accent color.

One of the things to remember when decorating is that three primary colors are the safe way to decorate.  Of course, running the spectrum of shades, tones, and hues of each color is quite acceptable to the eye.  It is important to stay within the same range of each of the colors.  For example, if the tendency is to go with tones, one would be best reminded to stay within the tones of each color.

The example shown offers a variety of shades of blue that complement the turquoise selection.  Adding the brighter yellowish color on the accent pillows gives the cool decor an opportunity to pop.  Again, note that while the accent color stands out, it is still within the range of tones used for the basic color scheme.

The turquoise and white comforter selection shown sets the mood with the delicate trellis pattern.  The regular design in the comforter makes it easy to incorporate floral, and geometric patterns either by design or by color combinations.

Turquoise and White Fashion Bedding

turquoise and white floral beddingThe selection to the left is the ideal way to pick up accent colors.  Note the solid turquoise, and the crisp white background that plays as a canvas to the floral design.  The rose colored floral makes the perfect accent color — the third color in the scheme.  The darker shade of blue ties the turquoise to the ensemble without being boring.

Looking for a cool summer bedding ensemble?  This is a favorite selection.

turquoise blue and white beddingThinking nautical bedding?  I absolutely love this creation.  With the primary colors being turquoise, a complementary blue, and the purity of white, the horizontal stripes make one think of the beach.  Imagine how easy this ensemble will fit into a classic white setting in a summer cottage.

Not only is the selection refreshing, it also invites one to the sea.  With the addition of a simple third color, one can create an individual look for the bedroom decor.  Undoubtedly, this is my favorite of the season.

Other Bedding Selections

cheetahFor the animal lovers among us — and yes! animal prints are always in style, or so it seems — the cheetah pattern is light and delicate with the accent on the darker shade of turquoise to bring the pattern up to date.

With the basic scheme in turquoise and white, the softer shades of chocolate and lighter keep the pattern true.

While a patterned comforter like the one shown incorporates the colors scheme of the entire room, with a few painted pieces of furniture the room can become a master bedroom that is second to none.  Just as the pattern is bold in design, the home decorator should be willing to try his or her hand at creating the accents and accessories that may not be available in the retail market.

blue turquoise and white beddingNot 100% turquoise, the ensemble to the left is a great selection for the teen’s bedroom.  The color scheme and the pattern are modern and fun.  More importantly for parents of teens the pattern with help disguise and stains from spills.

Teenage girls will love this ensemble.  There is just enough white in the comforter to allow for the white sheets and pillow cases without making the bedroom look thrown together.

Benefits of Turquoise and White in Combination

First, turquoise is a good color choice for every setting.  There are very few among us who will not gravitate toward one shade of the color or another.  In fact, it is one of the most worn colors in the blue range.

Adding the white as the secondary color lightens the look and the feel, making it one of spring and summer’s most refreshing color schemes year after year.