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Tropical Bedding Displays the Best of the Season

Tropical bedding is often thought of a bright and colorful, filled with large floral patterns that can be overwhelming for a smaller bedroom.  This year tropical bedding comes in a new range of colors and styles that is sure to complement any bedroom decor.

Mellow orange in floral print with stripes for a summer in the tropicsFollowing a dull grey winter many of us are looking for a bright colorful change in our decor.  Who would have guessed that orange bedding would be the answer? 

The shade of orange is the key to making this bedding set suitable for the bedroom.  With enough white in the pattern or floral and stripes, the brightness is not lost but the shock of orange is mitigated.

For those of us who really enjoy changing our bedroom decor, the brighter colors may be the answer.  The orange bedding set works well with almost any color scheme, whether your room is blue, green, yellow or even purple! 

Cream and brown tropical bedding for springContrary to what many of us may think, in the tropics colors are often much cooler.  The brown on cream set to the left is a gentle pattern of vines and flowers that climb across a cream colored background. 

Imaging living in south Florida or on a tropical island.  During the summer months the heat is stifling.  Nothing can be more inviting than climbing beneath this cool reflection of the warmer climates.  While not losing any of the pattern, the colors exhibit a cooler decor.  This set is ideal for smaller rooms and warmer climates.

Bold tropical prints are the accent in this bedroomThe bold pattern of hibiscus and stripes in the design to the left is what many of us have come to expect in tropical bedding.  Many of us have shied away from large floral designs because they have a tendency to be so overwhelming in a bedroom.

The Croscill Brazil style has subdued to coral of the hibiscus by placing the flowery pattern on a very subdued background.  While the design is big and busy, it can work very well in a bedroom that has a lighter background, picking up the cream color in the bedding.

Tropical bedding is a style that we should not avoid, but rather embrace.  It is a sign of the season!  There is a tropical bedding set that will fit into any bedroom decor.