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Tropical Bedding Color Selections

Tropical bedding comes in a variety of colors and patterns.  The example of selecting colors to complete the tropical bedding selection above is only to be used as a guide.  While the colors are accurate on our screen, they may not appear the same on all computer screens due to various settings.  However, all too often when many of us purchase a bedroom ensemble we are lost beyond spreading the set across the bed.

To show how colors can be added to the bedroom to complete the look, we are including the following example based on the color of the bed skirt in the tropical bedding collection shown above.

First of all, the monochromatic color scheme would appear:

It is easy to see how this color scheme works with the tropical bedding selection above.  The colors are a soft blend from one shade to another.

As seen below the complementary color scheme replaces the olive green with a shade of purple.

While some may love the exchange of the green for the purple, we can see the value of adding a totally opposite color.  Others may not care for the dramatic change.

Another variation is the triad color scheme:

The triad color scheme maintains the original color in the first position and keeps the monochromatic color in the last position.  However, between the two are a shade of purple (not as dark as the complementary color scheme) and a shade of blue.

The tetrad color scheme maintains the first two colors in the first color bar and replaces the last two.

The analogic color scheme is determined by selection four colors close to the original color, but sufficiently far enough away on the color wheel to appear fresh.

The final color combination is the accented analogic color scheme.

The tropical bedding selection pictured at the top is actually the analogic color scheme on a cream background.  That leaves the rest to the consumer.

Again, it must be noted that these color schemes are approximate based on the colors shown on certain monitors and are only displayed as an example to encourage everyone to buy with confidence and design the bedroom with true style.