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Toddler Bedding for the First Bed

What IS Toddler Bedding?

Most often, especially with today’s convertible cribs, toddler bedding fits the crib mattress with one side rail removed and the mattress lowered.  Of course, there are plenty of toddler beds that can be purchased for the little one making the transition.

Toddler bedding will not fit a twin mattress.  Toddler bedding fits a crib size mattress.

With that in mind toddler bedding most often includes a fitted sheet, a top sheet, a quilt or coverlet, and a pillowcase.  Baby bedding ordinarily does not include the top sheet or a pillow case and often there is no quilt, per se, but a smaller blanket.

The Importance of Toddler Bedding

Toddler bedding is the first move from the crib to a big bed for the young one.  It is most important for parents to do everything possible to create the ideal room for the youngster just moving to his or her first big bed.  With the security of the crib gone, the young child needs to feel comfortable in his first bed.  One way to give the child a security blanket of sorts is to continue the theme of the nursery bedding.  Many crib sets are available as toddler bedding, too.  With so much familiar around the child the transition from crib to bed will be easier.

Of course, by the time the little one is ready to make the move from the crib to the toddler bed he has begun to recognize things he likes, such as cartoon characters and animals.  Selecting a pattern or design in the child’s favorite theme will also help making the move easier.

Admittedly, Bedding Selections has had a very difficult time making choices for the first bed the youngster will enjoy.  It seems that manufacturers invest their attention in baby bedding but feel that the toddler years will take care of themselves.  Perhaps, many believe that the child will make the move directly from the crib to the twin bed.  Whatever the reason, toddler bedding is one of the least available and least well designed bedding on the market today.  All that said, we have made every effort to select bedding for the toddler that will serve its purpose with style for the short period of time the child will be in the toddler bed.

As parents (and grandparents) we can remember the transition period from the crib to the bed.  The little one realizes that the “big bed” is a step toward growing up.  Yet, the transition, with all its anticipation, can be traumatic for the child and create many sleepless nights for parents.  With all the security of the crib taken away, the child fears falling from the bed and of course, all those imaginary night creatures will try to creep into his dreams.  Creating a bedroom with an appropriately sized bed and toddler bedding that will make the child psychologically comfortable will ease the move.

Making the Transition to a Toddler Bed

If there is one way to help make the transition easier, selecting toddler bedding that is designed with his favorite characters will be a great asset.  Reading a bedtime story that reinforces the decor, such as reading a Thomas the Train story to the little one sleeping on Thomas the Train toddler bedding, will help keep the bogey man out of the little fellow’s mind as he falls asleep.  Spending a few extra minutes at bedtime with the toddler will make nights easier to sleep through.

What to Look For

Parents who do not want to change the theme of the nursery should start out looking for baby bedding that is also available as toddler bedding.  The upgrade will be simple and often quite inexpensive.