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The Nautical Decor and Nautical Bedding

Nautical decor and accessories can complete the theme started with nautical bedding. It is easy to have our minds set on anchors and starfish in the pattern.  While there are plenty of bedding sets that display either or both, the general rule of thumb for nautical design bedding is that it includes a shade of blue, often a lighter shade of blue although navy is beginning to show up more often, and stripes, mostly stripes that are not uniform but more in the Alexander Julian style.

With that in mind, a nautical bedroom decor can easily be created by selecting a bedding set that has irregular stripes in blues and often in browns or tans.  Select sheets and pillow cases in a solid color that accents, complements, or matches one of the colors in the comforter.

To bring the bedroom decor together the accessories that fill the room will do just that.  For example, using a clock that has an anchor on the face or resembles a porthole will create a decor that seems to be totally nautical.  Place a lantern on a side table and again, you are bringing the nautical theme together.  In some cases, purchasing a rope net, a fish net, for a wall hanging and placing a few starfish in it will make everyone who visits think of nothing but a nautical theme and being on board.

Depending on that age of the person who will live aboard this bedroom ship, there are simple wall decorations that will make the difference in carrying off the theme.    Below are a few of our suggestions.

Welcome Aboard Nautical Wall ClockWelcome Aboard Nautical Wall Clock

This navy on white wall clock is ideal for a more casual nautical theme.

For the nautical themed room, when color counts and the nautical theme is the selected decor, there is no easier way to create a nautical theme than with a welcoming wall clock.

Nautical Anchor Pillow Cover

Anchor Pillow Cover

The anchor on red and white stripes makes an ideal accessory for the nautical decor.

Often, when the bedding ensemble is blue and white adding a splash of color is the way to bring the bedroom to life.


Navy Anchor Pillow Cover

Navy Blue Anchor Pillow Cover

The white anchor on the Navy blue background will work well in a bedroom with the nautical theme. Toss it onto the bed or onto a chair and the theme is carried out to perfection.

There are many styles and sizes of pillow covers with the nautical theme. Just keep looking and adding on.