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The Importance of Duvet Covers

Duvet covers serve two purposes in the bedroom. 

  • The first is as a protective covering for the duvet
  • The second is to allow a change in room decor without having to replace the duvet.

It goes without saying that duvets are among the most costly bedroom accessory.  Some believe that bedding is not complete without a duvet.  However, duvets that have at least a 575 fill power are not cheap.  For that reason it is best to find a way to protect the duvet from daily wear and tear while keeping the exterior clean.  This is crucial to the life of the duvet.



While we have mentioned that the duvet is one of the more costly bedding accessories, it is important to make it as flexible as possible when it comes to accessorizing the room decor.  Duvet covers will allow for a complete change in room decor without precluding the use of the duvet.  For example, this year the bedroom may be decorated primarily in black and white with an accent color.  A duvet cover will allow a beige duvet to be transformed into one that is either black or white.  Next year the bedroom may take on a pink flowery decor.  Again, the same beige duvet can be covered with a patterned cover or a solid color cover to accent or complement the pink flowery pattern.

It is easy to see that for those who have purchased a duvet for warmth would want to protect their investment.  A duvet cover will serve a dual purpose in keeping the duvet useful for years while being affordable.