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The Elegance of Matelasse Orange Bedding (Twin, Full, Queen, King)

apricot matelasse

Close your eyes and think about orange bedding.  Those of us who make the Bedding Selections are well aware that most of those who closed their eyes did not dream orange bedding could look like this.  Actually, the color is apricot.

Embracing the European matelasse style and elegance, the picture above shows an Art Nouveau scrolling pattern that has a vintage appeal.   In truth, this bedding ensemble is so inviting that most of us are inclined to want to climb between the sheets.  The color is reminiscent of orange sherbet.  What could be more appealing as the warm weather approaches?

Extremely fine 100% Supima® cotton is preshrunk for softness and superior shape and finished with a delicate scalloped edge.  Imported from Portugal.

Elegance and luxury abound.  Indulge!  We all deserve a bit of indulgence — and this set is not as fattening as a box of chocolates!

More importantly, this set was selected because it expresses the many faces of orange bedding, removing the energetic and overly dominating colors we often consider.  Additionally, when selecting orange for the bedroom many of us are left to decide what will go with the set as we go about decorating the bedroom.  Browsing our pages and bedding ensembles is helpful.  Study the pictures.  Check the color combinations.  Get new ideas.

This matelasse set is available in other colors, as well.  Each piece is purchased separately which is an advantage.  For example, to copy the colors and style of this room the buyer can select the lime green sham, as shown above.

Just when we thought all orange bedding would scream at us, this beautiful scroll pattern comes along in such a delicate tint that few of us could have dreamed of it.