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The Basics of Brown Bedding

When decorating with brown bedding, particularly solid brown bedding, it is useful to remember that the color palette for accents and complementary colors is in your hand.

When selecting brown bedding for the home decor, there are two important things to remember:

  • Decide on the appropriate shade of brown
  • Selecting the right texture and style for the bedroom.
Hotel Meridian Sepia

Queen, King, Cal. King
Hotel Columns Collection

Queen, King, Cal. King
Pinch Pleats

Full, Queen, King, Cal. King
Dobby Brown

Solid Reversible

TwinXL, Full/Queen

Full/Queen, King/Cal. King


Deciding on the Browns

Just take a look at the selections above and notice that brown, without even venturing into the tans or beige colors, offers a variety of shades.  Beginning with the dark chocolate and heading straight into the rusty brown there are a variety of shades from which to choose.

Making the decision which “brown” is right for your decor is based on

  • the color of the bedroom walls in many cases,
  • if you are willing to re-paint or re-paper the walls,
  • the general style of your home decor, and
  • most importantly the shade that you want to live with.

With the color in mind, it is time to think in terms of texture and style.  Texture is derived from the fabric.  Style is derived from the pattern or overall display of the bedding ensemble.

chocolate brown bedding in columns hotel styleIf the bedding has a satin appearance with a subdued texture, the bedroom decor tends to be a little more traditional and formal.  Even though the bedroom is quite comfortable, the general look and feel is stylized for a “dressier” bedroom.  In most cases it would not be used in a young child’s room.

th_dl_brn_lighter_solidOn the other hand, this rather rusty brown with a soft texture would be perfect in a casual bedroom for a son or a master bedroom.

It is quite easy to see the difference between the satin-look ensemble and the microfiber rusty brown comforter.

th_amaz_brn_pinchpleatFor a more feminine look and feel to the bedroom, the pinch pleat styling adds enough softness to make any girl or lady happy.

Deciding on the exact color and texture will help determine what accent colors to use with your brown bedding selections.