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Solid Color Flannel Sheets Galore!

Enjoy the comfort of solid color flannel sheets this winter!  Our selections are delightful for both color and quality.

Take a look at the variety we have selected this season:

Martha Stewart's Kids Collection
Twin, Full, Queen
Martha Stewart Collection
All Colors in All Sizes

With so many colors and sizes from which to choose, we are satisfied that we have found the best selection of solid color flannel sheets to be found this season.

Of course, before you purchase flannel sheets for the first time, you may be interested in the benefits of purchasing yarn dyed flannel sheets — our solid color flannel sheets are yarn dyed.  Or, you may be worried about how to properly care for flannel to keep it from pilling.  Maybe you are unaware that flannel quality (and warmth) depends on weight rather than thread count.

Like most of us, you are probably more interested in color when selecting sheets.  That is important, for sure.  But, it is also important to understand what you are buying and its best use.  For example, some flannel may be too heavy for your area.  Most of my selections will work in most regions.  The point is simple.  Please follow the links above if you are purchasing flannel for the first time.

And, if you are from U.K., American flannel is what you call flannelette.  In U.K. flannel is made of wool, not cotton.  In fact, in U.K. one must refer to or advertise cotton flannel as “flannelette”.

Armed with a little knowledge, happy shopping.