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Selecting Red Bedding by Style, Age, Decor

Red bedding is one of the most vibrant of bedding selections.  It plays a major part of holiday decor for Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  Yet, many of us defer to other colors for fear of overwhelming the bedroom with a color that may not seem restful and relaxing.

There are many options and combinations that will suit almost any bedroom, from the solid colors, combinations of colors with red, and as an accent color in the bedding selection.  Our selected red bedding sets are solid, combinations of colors, and every shade from the brightest to the more subdued.

Red Bedding by Style

We have found that most styles or designs are available in red, or at the very least including a shade of red.  We have found everything from a red zebra print bedding ensemble to a more patterned design that is geometric.  There are solid comforter sets and plaid sets.  Finding a variety of styles is not difficult, although finding a large selection in a single style can be limited.

For example, there are floral patterns that include red.  The problem can be finding the right shade of red in the floral pattern you prefer.  With so many variations in shade, red can be a difficult color if you are not flexible.  In other words, before considering paint or wallpaper it could be best to decide on the bedding selection.  Or, make certain the selection can be returned.  All too often the style or pattern may be perfect, but the shade may not be.

Red Bedding by Age

As with most colors, manufacturers have gone to great lengths to create age appropriate bedding in red — as well as bedding that tends toward one gender or the other.  As an example of age and gender perfect red bedding, please note the red plaid bedding shown to the right among our selections.  What young boy or teen would not feel masculine with the red and black plaid bedding.  It looks like a flannel shirt of jacket pattern.

The red zebra print is obviously for a feminine decor and probably one who is a little older.  It appears too mature for a seven or eight year old.  The geometric print of red and black on the white background is more suitable for a teen or older feminine decor.

There are also many red crib sets that are designed just for the nursery.  Although most manufacturers do not designate an age range for their bedding, beyond the nursery or toddler, most of us can easily eye a bedding ensemble and determine its suitability for ages.

Red Bedding for the Decor

Some bedding includes red as an accent color.  Other ensembles are predominantly red or in combination with one other color.  Whether the color is used as an accent or as the base color, there is a shade of red for every decor.  The darker red backgrounds enhanced with a large floral print can be used in a country decor or a shabby chic bedroom.  Plaids can obviously be used in cabins or a rustic decor.  The red and gray or black plaid when combined with well selected accents can also be used in a nautical decor.