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Selecting Blue and Brown Bedding

Most of us think of blue and brown bedding as a design that has a striped pattern — at least, those were my initial thoughts back in the day, when bedding selections were far more limited than they are today.

With so many styles and patterns available today, blue and brown bedding has become more popular than ever before.  Instead of simply thinking of the combination as suitable only for the teenage boy’s bedroom, let’s take a look at the many possibilities and how and when to use them.


Queen, King

Full, King, Cal. King
Madison Park Serene

Queen, King, Cal. King
Madison Park Lincoln Square

Queen, King, Cal. King
Central Park

Queen, King

Queen, King
Madison Park Lola

Queen, Cal. King
Royal Tradition Portland Blue

Queen, King

Queen, King, Cal. King
Croscill Galleria Brown

Queen, King, Cal. King
Madison Park Genevieve

Queen, King

Full/Queen, King/Cal. King

The Solid Effects of Blue and Brown Bedding

reversible blue and brown bedding comforterOne of the safest choices when selecting a comforter set for the bedroom is to pick a duo-tone topper that is reversible.

The choice is always a good and practical one providing the shades of the two colors are ones that will work well in the bedroom.

Our bedding selection above is aqua (a very light shade of blue hue) combined with chocolate.  Granted, aqua may not be the shade of blue of choice, but provided it is workable, the comforter can be used year round.  The lighter side — the aqua — can be used at the top side during the warm months when the bedroom needs to feel a little lighter.  During the winter months when shades are generally darker and warmer, chocolate is ideal.

There are many combination shades available on the market today, so finding the one that works in your color scheme should not be all that difficult.

Striped Blue and Brown Bedding

Vertical Stripes

vertically striped blue and brown beddingThe most typical of striped bedding patterns run vertically — up and down the length of the bed.  Most notably, vertical stripes work well in a teen’s bedroom or in a nautical decor.  That is just tradition, but do not let it hamper your tastes.

For demonstration purposes, I have selected the comforter set with white, green, and a pale yellow added.

This the bedding selection because it easily shows how well the comforter ensemble will work in a yellow room (as shown) but will also work well in a sage green room to really show off the colors and stripes.

Selecting the blue shade for the walls would work, although it would be very important to accessorize with the sage green and yellow shades to get a balanced feeling in the bedroom.

For those who have a bedroom large enough to work with chocolate walls, it would be essential to accessorize with the complementary colors while adding a touch of chocolate throughout the bedroom.  In this case, there would need to be more than the darker wood shade displayed by furniture.  It will be necessary to have an accent in fabric that presents the chocolate color, although in small amounts.

Horizontal Stripes

The horizontally striped blue and brown bedding often is not considered to be “striped”.  There are more often than not panels of each of the colors that are so wide that one often considers them “blocks” rather than stripes.smblueandbrown

Note the picture selected to represent horizontally striped blue and brown bedding.  The stripes are irregular in size and are very boldly designed.

In our selected display, the blue and the brown of are almost equal quality by tone.  In other words, one does not dominate.  Although the brown may be a little deeper in shade, the smaller size of the stripe balances it out visually.

pasadena blue and brown bedding

The horizontally patterned selection to the left has incorporated a floral pattern as well.  The “weight” of the floral pattern against the lighter blue balances the combination with the darker chocolate brown.

Of note, the first horizontally striped selection shown could easily be found in a teen’s bedroom, a boy’s or man’s bedroom, or even in an updated hotel collection.

The addition of the lighter shades of blue and an ivory background for the demonstrably large floral pattern make our second selection more appropriate for the feminine bedroom, although it would work quite well for a couple provided additional floral prints are kept to a minimum.

Blue and Brown Hotel Collection Bedding

blue and brown hotel collection bedding

The selection shown is not technically listed as hotel style, but it is easy to see that all the designs of the more typical hotel bedding collections are present.

The inner block in paneled by the mocha brown, as is the border of the comforter.  The top panel is a very subtle shade of blue.  The ensemble is elegant and will work in the master bedroom as well as in a guest bedroom.

Again, for the couple, this ensemble is delicate enough fabric and visual appeal to keep it from being to masculine while the simplicity of the style brings it back to the couple’s bedroom.

Other Blue and Brown Selections

Of course, there are many other combinations of patterns and styles in blue and brown.

bedding_blue&brown_bloomingdale_chocolate&blueThe selection to the left is quite casual as indicated by the repetitive pattern.  And, the comforter is reversible!

If your home decor demands blue and brown bedding, we would gladly suggest this for a guest bedroom or a teen’s room.  We can see it being used in the master bedroom, but with some strong accent pieces and and additional accent color.

dl_bl_br_madpark_lolaAnd, finally for the more artistic decor — for the home decorator who is not bound by symmetry, the comforter ensemble to the left is bold enough to be used in a master bedroom or a guest bedroom.  Teenage girls have found this to be a good design, but more often than not they select another color combination in the same pattern.

The Bottom Line on Blue and Brown Bedding

Select the shades and patterns that will work for you.  My suggestions are merely to open the eyes to the vast number of selections of patterns, styles and shades that are available.

Remember, when working with any shade of blue it is far easier to find a shade that clashes rather than matches.  For that reason, I would strongly suggest that if you plan to decorate the bedroom with a combination of blue and brown bedding and have blue walls, select the bedding first.  Then match the wall paint to the blue in the bedding or use a lighter or darker shade, but along the same spectrum.

As a hint, if you are looking for a distinguished decor that is not the average, going with the blue and brown combination is most often a winner.  While many stop and look at it, admire it, and wish they had selected it, few actually do.  Most homemakers are somewhat afraid to take the plunge into a combination that isn’t as typical as some.

But… for those who dare to create a look that is beyond the neighborhood norm, your admirers will applaud you.  Others will just plain old be envious.  So, there.