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Red French Country Toile Bedding for Spring

red french country bedding





We have selected this elegant red French country toile bedding set as one of our favorites to bring the bright joy of spring into the bedroom.

Note the floral design and the sophisticated medallions on the red background.  Keeping true to the toile designs, this floral pattern is perfect for the French country bedroom decor.  Additionally, a similar floral pattern is on the reverse black background of the quilt.

Combined with the check bed skirt and accessories, this comforter set is sure to please.  Please note that this ensemble will also work quite well in a shabby chic decor, although we prefer the French country setting.  To be clear, the lack of additional patterns and colors — the white walls and solid white area rug — help establish the room decor as French country.  Shabby chic is often more “complicated” and busier.  To take this decor to the shabby chic style, one would select one of the less dominate colors in the comforter or bed skirt and find a plaid upholstered boudoir chair perhaps.  Or, perhaps the walls could be papered in a complementary plaid.

However, we must say that we find this simplicity of the surroundings perfect for the French country style.  As many are aware, much of this style is dependent on painted furniture — the white nightstand, for example — to maintain the simplicity of the decor.

Many home decorators do not care for the the dark backgrounds in the spring months.  That is understandable, although with with bedding ensemble, it works beautifully.

The black and white check skirt and accents support the weight of the floral patterns.  And, of course, when dealing with French country designs it is expected that the patterns are combined and the colors are heavier than in other styles.

All that said, I must say that this style is one of my favorites but may not be suitable for smaller bedrooms as it can become a bit overwhelming and consume too much of the area.