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Red and Black Bedding Selections

The red and black bedding sets are among the most popular for a reason.  The color combination is easy to work with and often allows for a brighter shade of red that can be “tamed” by the neutral shade of black sufficiently to make any bedroom accepting of the color scheme.

When shopping for red and black bedding, we suggest that you consider the print as well as the color scheme.  Some patterns are light and pleasant while others can often look harsh.  We have selected a few styles that we are inclined to suggest.  Some are definitely more appropriate for the feminine bedroom while the plaid selection will work very well in the masculine room.

French Country Red and Black Bedding

red and black bedding french countryOne of our favorite sets is the French Country style to the left.  Obviously, this set is not for everyone or every bedroom.  The ensemble works well in the country setting, a shabby chic decor or a romantic style.

While many red and black bedding selections can appear rather harsh, the floral print combined with the black and white checks and black and white floral pattern gives the set a softer look that is appealing to the eye.  One of the benefits of the ensemble is that it will work well in a white room or a red room.  Red is not necessarily our choice for the walls, but for the daring it could work.

Additionally, the manufacturer has taken the guesswork out of combining patterns.

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Modern Red and Black Bedding Designs

modern red and black design

A much sleeker look is the dark red and black bedding design to the left.  Call it contemporary or modern, the bedding set offers several colors that will allow for more design options in the bedroom.  Select anyone of the colors for the bedroom walls.  I would suggest the beige shown in the picture or perhaps a dark grey shown in the stripe because either of those colors will allow for an easier change of bedding should one so choose.

The stripes are simple and not busy.  Some may consider the busy pattern combination of the French Country selection to be overwhelming in a smaller bedroom.  The simplicity or the striped pattern will fill but not overwhelm the room.  Again, the selection should be based on personal choice with an eye to the size and style of the bedroom.

Plaid Selections in Red and Black

To the left is another of our favorite red and black bedding sets.  The red plaid bedding stands out against the solid red shown on the reverse of the quilt, yet is not so overwhelming or brilliant when combined in the plaid with black.  This set is available in all sizes and is ideal for boys, girls, and young adults.  It is perfect for the more rustic home decor or cabin.

Please note that another color can successfully be introduced into the bedroom decor.  According to our rule of three, with the red and black already selected in the bedding, the sheets could easily be a complementary color, anything from a white, grey or ecru to the dark grey or black.  Matching red sheets could be a little tedious as it is often difficult to match exacting shades in the red scheme.

Of course, for the more daring selecting a color of choice that is totally used for an accent is a possibility.

Elegant Red and Black Bedding

elegant red and black beddingThe selection to the left is a wonderful combination of red and black bedding that is not overwhelming in color scheme and is well combined in pattern.  The elegant fabric and embroidered look is as important to the decor as the color scheme.

This selection has an oriental appeal but will work in many elegant settings.  Not recommended for the very young or teens.  The fabric may not hold up as well as one would hope with teens pouncing on top of the bed.  The ensemble is too mature for the young but ideal for the adult decor that is inviting.

What to Consider When Selecting Red and Black Bedding or Comforter Sets

The red and black combination for the bedroom can be dramatic and with careful selections can create a warm decor.  However, when considering the possibilities of using red and black as the basic bedding color scheme there are a few tips we can offer:

  • Select the red and black bedding or comforter or duvet set prior to selecting the accessory pieces.  Red is a difficult color to work with due to the huge variety of shades and hues that are available.  Dye lots vary even when the color name is the same.  Much like trying to match shades of blue, matching reds can be so tricky that the best intentions can create a terrible clashing of colors.  For that reason, if red or red and black is the selection, always begin with the bedding and work from there.
  • Select a lighter color as the third color in the scheme.  White or ecru is a good selection to prevent the bedroom from appearing too dark.  Of course, another lighter shade would work.  Having lighter walls can make the room look larger although it is important to realize that accessories will tie the room together.  The most unfortunate visual is that of a red and black bedding set standing out in a bedroom with nothing to tie the color scheme together.
  • The selections above can be adequately accessorized to help it fit into a bedroom.  Consider all the possibilities prior to purchasing a red and black bedding set that could end up looking like a bordello room.  Fabric has much to do with the decor along with the color scheme.  On the other hand, the black and red plaid set above is easier to work with because of the pattern and the fabric.  In other words, plan the entire room mentally and know what you are going to do for accessories prior to making a purchase.
  • Be sure you are ready to purchase red and black.  While we absolutely love some of the bedding we have seen, we have also realized more than once that red and black bedding is not always the best choice.  Be sure to select the bedding before picking accent accessories to make sure the shades of red work well together.