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Purple Zebra Print Bedding in a Bag (Full)

Purple and Black Zebra Print Bedding

Purple zebra print bedding is one of the hot trends for teens and adults this year.  When it comes to color, purple is regal for sure.  But, put it with a zebra print and you have a wild purple and black bedding set fit for a queen. The combination of zebra and leopard makes for a feminine appearance that will suit any princess.

Zebra prints have been the rage for the past few years.  Everything is available for the zebra print baby bedding to the most sophisticated of zebra prints for the mature bedroom.  Most often the color scheme is quite traditional, being black and white stripes.  Yet, our daughters — our teens — are always looking for something a little different, something that will make most moms and dads stand aghast and stare.  Why not surprise the teen with this hot new set of bedding?

Purple has become a favorite color for teenage girls.  The advent of the “Twilight” movie series brought purple and gray to the attention of our daughters.  Of course, the zebra print has long been a favorite for teens.  Combining the color of purple with the zebra pattern will not only please the teen, but will also surprise her with your suggestion.  Go ahead!  Let the teen enjoy her bedroom.

It is well worth noting that this bedding ensemble combines the best of two wild animal prints, purple and black zebra stripes with black leopard spots on the same purple background.  The blend of patterns is the best combination possible.  A solid bed skirt or reverse comforter would appear too stark.  The incorporation of the leopard spots brings the best possibilities for design and decor.

This particular bedding ensemble is a combination of purple and black zebra stripes, with the stripes tending toward lavender rather than a deep purple.  The advantage of this is the bedroom walls, should they be painted in the shade of the lighter purple will actually enlarge the visual appeal of the bedroom.

Purple Zebra Bed In A Bag Set

FROM THE KARIN MAKI COLLECTION, Teens will love this fun, colorful zebra pattern.

Purple zebra pattern is on the comforter face,

Purple leopard pattern is on the comforter reverse.

Shams are zebra print.

Bedskirt is leopard print.

Sheet sets – all components – are purple leopard.

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Decorating Around Purple Zebra Print Bedding

The most common selection for wall color when using this purple bedding ensemble is an off white.  Most of us feel more comfortable staying within the traditional color scheme.  However, it is important to remember that most decorators agree on a three color scheme for home decor.  The black and purple have already been selected with this bedding set.  That leaves a third color up to the discretion of the home decorator.  Of course, the decorator could select the wall color from the tints or tones on the purple spectrum, choosing the lightest shade possible.

Due to the dominating pattern and unique color scheme used in this bedding ensemble, any accent color should be chosen with care.  There are few color schemes that require such care when adding accents.  However, in this particular case, with the combination of designs — stripes and spots — it is probably bed not to introduce another pattern.  Selecting a few throw pillows in a solid color is a good way to test for a visually appealing accent color.  Remember, just because it is called an “accent” does not mean it should be dark or overwhelming.

**If not sure about the zebra print in purple, but decided on purple be sure to browse our purple bedding sets.  Of course, we have selected the zebra pattern in a variety of colors and with a variety of combinations.  Check out our other zebra print bedding.