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Purple Bedding for Every Bedroom

It is no secret that I love purple.  That said, so many have commented that purple bedding is not a great choice because the color cannot be used in each bedroom in the home and often disrupts the color scheme.  NOT SO!  There is a selection for every bedroom.  Take a look!

Full, Queen, King
Chaps Home Preston Bedding
Country Elegance

Madison Park Laurel
All Sizes

Hotel Style

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Lauren Conrad Chloe Collection


I have selected only a few of the many choices available, but I have selected these to show the versatility of the color purple.

Purple Bedding in the Master Suite

elegant purple bedding

My first selection is an elegant purple bedding ensemble that is ideal for the master bedroom.  Whether going for the sheer elegance of the color and fabric or seeking a subtle country look, this first selection shows the elegance of using a darker shade of purple.  Most men can easily adapt to this ensemble because of the shades of brown that combine with the deep purple.

When selecting this ensemble a brown, tan, or ivory bedroom wall is as easy to work with as a shade of plum or purple.  The brown that highlights this set adds the necessary masculine touch when much of the furniture is wood.  In other words, this set is perfect for the more formal bedroom suite.

Dare to Use Purple in the Boy’s Bedroom

solid purple bedding

For the boy’s bedroom (or the master suite) selecting a solid purple bedding ensemble gives plenty of options.  Let’s say that your son loves the Minnesota Viking football team or his favorite university has purple in the school colors, it is easy enough to add the other team colors to create the perfect bedroom decor.

The truth is that almost everyone can work with the solid purple comforter set.  Adding turquoise and maybe a touch of white will brighten the ensemble.  Select a pale yellow or another color in the home decor and the bedroom is set for comfort.

On the other hand, some men and boys may shy away from purple.  If that should be the case, use purple as the accent color.  In a home that has a shade of purple as one of the three primary colors in the overall scheme, in a teenage boy’s bedroom a hint of purple or plum can be all that is needed to tie the room to the home decor.

For the Girl’s Bedroom Purple Bedding Abounds

purple zebra print beddingI would be remiss to not begin the girl’s bedroom decor with a purple zebra print bedding selection.  Teens especially love animal prints and girls love purple and pink.  Of course, there is a hot pink zebra print selection but the purple ensemble is fun and just as popular.  For the home decor that is centralized around the purple shade, it is easy enough to use hot pink accents.

There is really little to be said about this ensemble.  It has become a classic for teens.

purple bedding with chevron stylingAnother very popular style is the chevron design.  This design is well received in a modern scheme.  It is appropriate for girls of all ages, from the young ones to the older teens.  Youngsters are well served by the set because of the print that is busy enough to hide stains and soil.  The comforter is reversible so during the warmer months the chevrons add a little bit of coolness.  During the winter months, reversing the comforter and showing the solid purple side will add warmth to the bedroom.

lacy purple daisy fuente bedding

As shown by the selection to the left, the look is modern but fully feminine with lace rows.

Please note that for those of us who love purple, from the lightest lavender to the darkest plum the choice is as much about the pattern and the fabric as it is about the color.