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Purple Bedding and the Color Scheme

Purple bedding is truly the color of royalty.  To complete the bedroom decor based on the selection of purple as the primary color of the bedding selections the following color schemes are recommended.

Please note that when selecting the color scheme to add the finishing touches to the bedroom decor, the user must begin with the proper shade and hues.  The color scheme below is based on a single choice of purple, and only to give the buyer an idea of the possibilities.

Monochromatic Purple Bedding Color Scheme

The first and most basic bedroom decor would be in shades and hues of the primary color of the bedding, the monochromatic color scheme for our selected primary shade of purple bedding.

Complementary Color Scheme for Our Purple Example

For this particular shade of purple this is the exact complementary color scheme.  The difference is the color green being added to the palette.

It must be noted that each of the colors has a full range of hues that can be used or substituted. For example, beginning with the basic shade of green as shown above, any of the following could be used in lieu of the darker green.

As shown above, there are four additional shades that work well in lieu of the original green selection.  It is easy to see how a bedroom decor can be lightened or darkened based on a color other than the primary color.

Triad Color Scheme

Please note the introduction of more greens to the bedroom decor.  Again, the colors shown directly above have many variations that could be substituted to lighten or darken the overall decor, as shown below.

Purple Tetrad Color Scheme

The tetrad color scheme generally goes against recommended home interior decor.  The exception would be to select one of the colors as an accent color that is used sparingly.  Whether the color scheme would work well or not is dependent on the size of the bedroom and personal taste.

Purple Analogic Color Scheme

Once again, the return to basic colors and a safe bedroom decor for anyone who wishes to express the joy of regal purple bedding.

While these colors may appear dark and rather monotonous, take a look at the possibilities that come from this simple scheme.

The Accented Analogic Color Scheme

This is perhaps one of the best combinations to go with purple bedding.  It consists of three colors that are beautifully homogenous with an accent color.  When looking at all the options, it is easy to see why this scheme could be the first choice among many who choose the royal color for the bedroom.

Select from our favorites shades and styles of purple bedding to find the ideal solution and selection for your bedroom.