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Purple and White Zebra Print Bedding

Purple and White Zebra Print Bedding

Zebra print bedding is all the rage.  For the past few years purple and black zebra print bedding has made a statement in bedrooms for all ages.  However, during the warm seasons of spring and summer it may be time to lighten the mood and the decor with this fun purple and white zebra print bedding comforter set.

Let’s face it!  Some of us just love purple and anything.  And, some of us just love the prints designed from wild animals.  It comes as no surprise that the zebra is one of the favorites.  Traditionally, when a color was substituted in the print, it was always the white stripe.  But, as the hot seasons approach it is not surprising to see the black stripe being replaced by a lighter, more colorful stripe.

This particular mini-comforter set is available in TWIN, FULL and QUEEN sizes.  For specific details or to purchase…



As with any purple bedding selection, the print adds a feel of royalty while the pattern and the addition of white makes it casual.  What a combination!  Any teen (or adult) would certainly fall in love with this color and design.

To prevent the room from becoming overwhelmed with the colors or the pattern, as we have mentioned hundreds of times select a third color as the accent.  There are a myriad of shades that will complement this bedding ensemble.  Just pick your favorite color and go for it.

Should this zebra set be used year round — and it can be, especially in a smaller room where the black combination would be too dark — accent the purple and pick a darker color for the accessory pieces.  For summer, there is nothing better than pure white.

It should be noted that this purple and white bedding set displays the zebra print on one side of the comforter and on the two pillow shams.  The reverse side of the comforter is a solid pattern.  The purple and black zebra set that we selected displays purple and black stripes on one side and a purple background with leopard spots in black on the reverse.  While one set offers a double pattern, for the warmer months less design is often a better choice.

While not everyone may select purple as the color for their bedding, this set is available in a turquoise and white zebra print.

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