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Pink Camo Toddler Bedding for the Little Girl

When the baby girl is ready to move up to her first bed, pink camo toddler bedding could be a wise choice.  The color is bright pink.  The pattern is camouflage for the comforter and one pillow case, with a criss-cross set of sheets and another pillow case.  This makes for an updated camouflage pattern with great appeal for the little girl and parents alike.

With two pillow cases included in the set, one in the camo pattern, the other in the sheet pattern, it is easy to change the look by changing the pillow cases.

Although this is listed as a twin bed set, with the short comforter it is ideal for the toddler bed.

According to reviews from consumers, this is not a high end set with a high thread count.  However, by all reviews the pattern is bright and the set appears to be quite soft and durable.  One consumer reported that she expected the set to last for a couple of years based on the feel.  That said, for such an inexpensive camo toddler bedding ensemble, it has received high ratings.  After all, the toddler bed and stage is limited to no more than two or three years.  And, we all know the little girl will begin to develop her own tastes.

One of the obvious advantages of this set, aside from it being so inexpensive, is that if the bedroom is painted pink other toddler sets can be used.  For example, camo can be used one week and a Hello Kitty set used the next.