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Pink Bedding for a Feminine Bedroom

Pink bedding is always appropriate for the feminine bedroom.  The versatility of pink is greater than some would expect.  For example, the pastel shades of pink create a soft bedroom look while the brighter deeper pinks can create a vibrancy that will suit some.

Pink for GirlsWhen selecting pink as the bedding color of choice it is important to pre-determine the other colorsthat will be used with the bedding.  For example, powder pink is often paired with white for the little girl’s bedroom.  A deeper pink rose can be paired with black and white for the teen’s bedroom.  For the adult pink can vary in shades and mixes well with some shades of green.  The mixture of colors will help determine how feminine the bedroom decor will appear.

Pink and white add a touch of softness that is most complementary in the younger girl’s bedroom.  The fabric can also add to the softness of the decor.  For example, in the picture (above right) toile is the fabric.

Light Pink with Black and WhiteChanging the shade of pink used can give a bedroom a totally different look.  The bedroom to the left is a combination of a light pink with black and white Damask.  Note how the pink softens the black and white, making the room look much more feminine and larger.  Lighter pinks are most complementary for younger children.

Pink with Black and White Zebra PrinkTeens usually prefer to go with a much more vibrant pink, almost a rose.  Please not that in the picture to the left the combination of a deeper pink with black and white in a zebra print presents a look that is totally different from the previous example.

It is important to mention that not only does the depth of color change the look of the bedroom but the fabric and the print adds to the variety of appearances.

Tommy Hilfiger PinkFor the more mature individual or perhaps for the individual who enjoys shades of pink but with a more modern flare, the deep pink matched with shades of blues and lavenders as seen in the Tommy Hilfiger design will be appropriate.

Whatever an individual’s taste, there is a shade of pink in a pattern and fabric that will complement the bedroom.  (All shown examples are available on Amazon.  Just click on a picture to get full details or use the Amazon search to the right to find what you are looking for.)