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Using Pink and Green Floral Print Bedding to Create the Perfect Shabby Chic/Country Cottage Bedroom

Pink and green bedding has always been a favorite combination, but nothing seems to surpass pink and green floral print bedding from the master suite to the baby’s nursery.  There is something comforting and refreshing about the color combination especially when used in a floral print.

Granted, most men will not care to indulge in a flower garden of pink and green in the bedroom, but for those of us who love the combination (and have a man in our live) the guest bedroom will gladly accept the scheme.

Mizone Katelyn

Twin, TXL, Full/Queen
Claire's Garden

Queen, King
Echo Gramercy Paisley

Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal. King
Whispering Garden

Shabby Chic or Country Cottage Decor in the Bedroom

Perhaps there is no better place to begin a discussion of pink and green floral bedding than with our selection named “Claire’s Garden”.  (shown left)  If there has ever been a design that offered so much this is it.

The green shade used on the pillow cases and with the soft leaves of the comforter is not too dark and yet it is sufficient to be used as the anchor color of this ensemble.  Used mostly in solid, the green is fresh while reminding us of spring and new growth.

The pink floral design is placed on a white background with varying hues of pink, from the warmer pink of a flower in full bloom to the lighter shades of a new bloom.

This pattern and color scheme will work well in a bedroom that tends toward the sophisticated country cottage look or a shabby chic decor.  The combination of a distinct floral patterned comforter, solid pillow cases trimmed with the stripe of the bed skirt invites upscale casual into the bedroom. The ensemble is best used in a bedroom that does not venture beyond a single additional color.  With the striped bed skirt and the predominant floral pattern, little else is needed or can be successfully used.

We selected Claire’s Garden as one to be used in the mature feminine bedroom or the older teenagers bedroom.  It may be a little too sophisticated for the younger teens.

Where to Start

Determining that shabby chic or the country cottage look is right for your bedroom depends on the total home decor.  While it is quite possible to pull off the look in any home, one that floats the shabby chic or country cottage theme throughout is always easier.

A word of caution for those who love the look:  Do not get carried away!  Everything does not have to be done in the style.  So, first of all determine if the look is right for the bedroom you are decorating.  And, remember: a little goes a long way.

The first step is to decide on the color scheme of the entire bedroom.  When selecting a pink and green bedding set that will work in the decor take some time to be sure it will not be too busy in appearance.  Much will depend on the size of the room and the accessory pieces, such as chairs and night tables.  Do not be afraid to add a few solid splashes, maybe the upholstery on the boudoir chair.

The Three Color Scheme for the Bedroom

The colors have been selected for you when you decide on a bedding ensemble such as Claire’s Garden.  The green is predominant with floral pink splashes across the comforter.  The bed skirt incorporates the same color scheme but in stripes.

In this case with so much white as the background for the comforter, it is safe to select a third color.  The picture shown has obviously incorporated a rather neutral tan or beige shade for the walls to mitigate the brighter colors and the patterns.

Pink walls could possibly be too overwhelming, depending on the shade.  With the idea of focusing on the bedding as the central point from which all other designs and patterns will work, using pink walls would only assist in distracting from the ensemble.  Select a more neutral shade.  Of course, it is quite possible to work with a shade of green that is lighter than that in the bedding.  Green is one of those wonderful colors that creates the background in nature.  Use shades of it wherever you wish.  However, to accent the bedding select a green that is in the same tone but in lighter shades.

The first shade of green shown in our little swatch is the color of the pillows in the ensemble.  The lighter shades are possibilities of wall colors to showcase the bedding.  Our selections are only to give an idea of the background colors available.  Note that they are all using the same tone.

A trip to the local hardware or paint store will help with the decision making for the wall color.  Simply take the shade of green from the bedding and start looking at paint chip cards.  Remember that the colors always look slightly darker on the walls, so I usually find the color I like and then select the one that is one hue lighter.  With the wall color selected, it is time to discover the best color for the accent pieces.

The visual pink shown is what I consider a dusty rose.  Note that the pink to the left and the shades of green to the right have a perfectly balanced tone.  In other words, both have a touch of gray that somewhat softens the color palette.  Find a color chip card at the paint store that matches the central color pink selected and perhaps go a little darker and a little lighter.  A slightly darker shade would be ideal for an accent chair that is across the bedroom while smaller pieces in the lighter shades may be disbursed around the room to tie the theme together.

Choosing the Pink and Green Floral Print Bedding Set

I realize that not everyone is going to find our selection to be theirs.  The same principles apply for your choice.  Whether you select a pink and green floral print bedspread or a comforter or duvet cover, selecting the accessory pieces in solids, plaids or stripes in the same color family will create the bedroom decor you prefer.

I strongly suggest that once the floral pattern has been selected for the bedding that the accent pieces do not incorporate floral patterns.  Finding the color scheme in stripes or plaids will better serve the overall visual appeal.  Mixing patterns is fine.  Mixing floral patterns with other floral patterns is not.

Happy shopping and decorating.  If you have questions or comments, please contact me or leave a comment.