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Pink and Green Bedding

Pink and green bedding has been a combination almost since bedding became more than a solid color covering at night.  There is little doubt that the color combination is suitable for many styles of home decor.  We continue to look for more bedding selections of quality and affordability in this colorful combination.

When we think of this combination of colors we are bound to think first of floral patterns that remind us of spring.  Of course, it goes without saying that green combined with pink or mauve have long been a favorite among women.

Our first choice in pink and green is also listed in our tropical bedding section because of the design as much as the color.  With the white background, the ensemble presents itself as fresh and adds a cooling effect for hot days of spring and summer.

The pink shades of the hibiscus become the focal point surrounded by shades of green.  While the pattern is bold, the color combination diminishes the pattern keeping it from being overwhelming.

When selecting patterns that are large, either in pink and green or another combination, it is most important to understand that the size of the room can be important in the final decision, as well as the surrounding decor.  With a bold pattern the bedding could become overwhelming if the patterns and designs in the rest of the room are busy.  It is important to use quiet designs around a pattern so large and so distinct.




And then there is pink and green bedding that is more unique, more artistic and bolder than any other.  The Vera 4 Piece Duvet set is undoubtedly one that few of us will have room for in our bedrooms.  However, we always select at least one, sometimes more, bedding selections that will make us stop and look.  This is one of those ensembles.

Available in FULL/QUEEN there is little one can add to describe this duvet set.  In this case, a picture is worth all the words we can think.