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Using Pink and Brown Polka Dot Bedding in the Teen’s Bedroom

Very few of us actually begin decorating our bedrooms by first thinking of pink and brown polka dot bedding.  Most often the selection comes from the brown dots being in combination with a color we prefer for the decor.  As we know, brown and turquoise bedding ensembles are among the favorites when combining brown with another color in the decor.  However, it seems that brown and pink polka dot bedding is the favorite selection when actually using the polka dot theme.

One of our favorite bedding selections that shows of brown polka dots for the teenage girl’s bedroom concentrates of a powder pink dominate color, a white center panel filled with polka dots on the comforter.

As shown, the brown polka dots are sparingly spaced so as not the overwhelm the comforter.  The completed decor shows a pink and brown stripe valence.  For sure, there is no better combination for the teen or the shabby chic designer than the combination of polka dots and stripes.

While brown combines well with many colors, brown and pink polka dot bedding is the perfect selection for the pre-teen or teenager.  The selection shown is definitely feminine.  With accessories and accents the bedroom appeals to the girl and to the entire family.

On the other hand, some teens who enjoy pink and brown polka dot bedding sets prefer to venture away from the girly – girl appeal.  Some, especially as they get older, prefer something that represents their teenage style.

One of our favorite selections for the high school teenage girl is the hippie teen bedding set.  The background is brown, providing a background that to many teens will appear a little more mature.

Again, polka dots are used with stripes.  What a beautiful combination!  It is worth noting for those who are considering polka dots as a design for the bedroom, the dots do not have to be regular in pattern or the same size.  The ensemble shown above demonstrates a regularly spaced pattern with the colors of the dots spaced in a very orderly design.  This creates a softer and perhaps more formal ensemble.

The brown and pink polka dot comforter in the hippie style shows irregular patterns in varying sizes.  The polka dots are enhanced by placing one inside another and decorating the edges of the dots.  The comforter also shows a reverse striped pattern.

I feel it important to add the geometric pattern in pink and brown to the left.  While not polka dots in the strictest sense, the illusion of the dots exist.  Teens may enjoy the irregularity of the dots and the modern appeal of the pattern.

Again, please note the combination with stripes on the reverse side of the comforter.  It goes without saying that polka dots in any color scheme can become “too much” if not used appropriately.  The use of stripes with polka dots helps to eliminate some of the “confusion” but anchoring the ensemble and the design.

If there is another benefit to the selections I have shown, with a little work on accessories, any of these ensembles can be used in the same room, perhaps as the teen grows and matures in taste.  Let us not forget that for the home decorated in the shabby chic decor, any of these bedding sets could work because of the combination of circular and linear patterns combined to perfection.