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Pink and Black Bedding Selections

How many teenage girls want a bedroom decor in pink and black?  Our pink and black bedding selections were picked with the teenager in mind.

Hot Pink


Queen, King, Cal. King

Twin/TwinXL, Full/Queen
Plush Dreams

Twin, Queen, King
Cosmo Girl

Twin, Full
Polka Dot

Twin, TwinXL, Full, Queen, King, Cal. King

Parents and grandparents know that most teenage girls go through the “pink and black” phase in bedroom decor.  For some reason, most teenage girls seem to be drawn to hot pink at some time during their high school years.  I am convinced they want to combine it with black for reasons still unknown to most parents.  But, if we as mothers think back to our teen years, we will probably recall the shock our mothers showed when we insisted on using pink and black in our bedrooms.

As you can see from our selections, pink and black bedding runs the gamut.  It comes in wild prints and demur ladylike patterns.  The shade of pink, while often a very hot pink when combined with black and also be found in its palest shade.  There is something for everyone!

When selecting the exact bedding ensemble in pink and black, it is important to understand the use of pink accents.  As long as the pink accents used remain in either the tone or tint depicted in the bedding everything should turn out quite satisfactorily.

Trying to get the teenager to focus more on the pink shades can be accomplished by suggesting big pillows in pink, or perhaps a velvet covered boudoir chair.  There are many ways to display the bedroom and the decor without going totally Gothic unless, of course, that is the objective.

As a parent and grandparent I would suggest that price be a consideration when selecting the bedding ensemble.  Chances are, regardless of the color scheme, the teen will tire of it within a year, no more than two.  To get through high school without burdening the budget, look for quality but at an affordable price.