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Organic Cotton Blankets in Crepe Weave

crepe weave cotton summer blanketsSoft and airy organic crepe weave cotton blankets are deliciously natural.

We fell in love with this blanket immediately, and we think you will too. Light, warm, and breathable, the organic cotton is long-woven in a natural cream color, with color options available for the crepe weave blanket. Perfect for an extra layer on your bed and just the right amount of weight for a warm summer night.

The magic of these organic cotton blankets is that they are suitable for year round use for those of us who do not enjoy sleeping under the extra weight of a thick comforter.

The colors are sure to complement any bedroom decor and go well with any other bedding you choose to use.

It’s so soft and cuddly, you’ll want to bring it to snuggle with on the couch, too. American-grown and American-made, with no pesticides or chemicals.

Can be machine washed in warm or hot water and machine dried to kill dust mites, with minimal shrinkage. Best cold water washed. Do not bleach.

Select one of the colors above in the size you need.  To see all available colors and sizes…