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Orange Floral Bedding Can Create an Inviting Bedroom

Orange floral bedding usually makes us think of huge patterns that are so brightly colored that few of us would dare to add them to our bedroom decor.  Actually, it is not so much the size of the floral print as it is our fear of the color orange.  Many of us have been brought up with the idea that the only thing brighter than the sun was the color orange.  Well, that may or may not be the case.  It depends on the shade of orange and the floral pattern.

The orange floral bedding to the left is a slightly darker shade of orange that combines with white to create an almost neutral bedding set.  This set is a very simple combination of orange and white, stripes and flowers, suitable for any room size and almost any style.

The complementary colors for this orange floral set could include greens, some shades of blues, bright or darker turquoise, purple, and almost any color that suits your eye.

Orange Floral Bedding Set

For those who wish to venture into a more luxurious, less casual style of orange floral bedding, the 11 piece set to the left may be the exact answer to your dreams.

The King / Queen bed set includes (everything shown in picture)

  • (1) Bed spread sheet 102 x 108 / 102 X 90
  • (1) Bed sheet 98 x 110 / 98 x 98 (overhangs 17″ on all sizes)
  • (1) Quilt cover with fillings 87 x 94 / 78 x 91
  • (2) Pillow case 20 x 30
  • (2) Decorative pillow case 20 x 30
  • (2) Euro Shams 26 x 26
  • (1) Small decorative pillow (with fillings) 6 x 8
  • (1) Neck roll pillow (with fillings) 10 x 20

The complete set is beyond belief and makes this orange floral bedding most desirable.  With the additional subtle shades and colors included in the quilt cover the decor is set.  Who could have imagined that orange floral bedding could be so quiet and restful?

As always, when considering the introduction of a color into the bedroom decor that is new, visit a local paint shop to select paint card chips that match your selection.  Keep them handy when shopping for other accessories for the room.