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Olive Green Bedding Sets | Olive Green Sheets

Torino Olive Green Bedding

Olive green bedding sets are a good selection for fall and winter.  Of course, they will work well during the other seasons with the right accent colors.  Selecting olive green for fall reminds us of camouflage and subdued colors that will serve as a basis for the decor in the bedroom.  However, we must tell the reader that finding a solid olive green bedding ensemble has proved to be a daunting task.

Information on the eight piece set shown above:
Queen Size Luxury Torino 8 Piece Comforter Set

The Facts:  100% Cotton Shell & 100% Polyester Filled Bedding Set Features:

(1) Queen Comforter: 90″x92″ 100% Cotton Shell & 100% Polyester Filling Printed on front side only – back side is solid
(1) Queen Bed Skirt: 60″x80″ 100% Cotton 15″ Drop & 80% Polyester / 20% Cotton Platform Bed Skirt is Solid Olive Green
(2) Standard Pillow Shams: 20″x26″ each 100% Cotton Front & 80% Polyester / 20% Cotton Back Printed on front side only – back side is solid
(2) Euro Shams: 26″x26″ each 100% Cotton Front & 80% Polyester / 20% Cotton Back Printed on front side only – back side is solid
(1) Square “Throw” Pillow: 18″x18″ 100% Cotton Shell & 100% Polyester Filling Printed on front side only – back side is solid
(1) Neck Roll Pillow: 7″x18″ 100% Cotton Shell & 100% Polyester Filling Printed

 olive comforter

The selection to the left is one of the more subtle selections, displaying elegance and luxury.  The advantage of selecting the solid color for the bedroom is that the decorator is left to make decisions as to accent colors.  This choice is safe.  By viewing other selections in prints and with other colors, ideas can be gathered for the bedroom color scheme.

Bedding Selections makes a distinction between the two colors, in an attempt to offer a full range of shades of olive green as opposed to the range of shades of sage.  One should consider taking a look at our sage selections and our other green selections.  With color selection being so important to a bedroom decor, it should be noted that naming a specific color is almost as difficult as determining a dress size.  As most of us know, all size 10’s are not created equally.  However, we have done our best to place our color selections in the area we feel most appropriate.

With that in mind, it is easy to find olive green in camouflage bedding, although we must state that many of the updated camo sets include a darker shade of green such as hunter green or fir green.  Yet, we feel that it is always easy to find a touch of olive green when browsing camo bedding.

With that out of the way, we have selected a few bedding ensembles that include olive green without being in the camo pattern.


While olive green has often been referred to as “olive drab” when mentioned in the context of military camouflage, this particular ensemble caught our attention first because of the combination with black and white along with an outstanding combination of patterns.  The bedding set is subdued in color without being dull, something that is hard to achieve.

By design anything colored olive green is not used as an accent.  The white accent that brings life to the black on the comforter and to the stripes on the pillows creates a lively setting that is somewhat unique in bedding.

Ideal for the kids rooms or the more mature bedroom, this ensemble says modern, updated, fresh — even when the colors say quiet, subdued, repressed.  What a combination!

Olive Green Sheets — 510 Thread Count from Gramercy Park

One of the best ways to incorporate olive green into the bedroom decor is to utilize olive green sheets.  If the perfect comforter set is not available in olive, perhaps selecting a black and white or a brown and white or another combination for the comforter set will embrace the accent of olive green as a sheet set.

With a few olive accents scattered throughout the room, the sheets will become a solid basis for the underlying color scheme.  Often, we have found that when we select colors that we may be somewhat unsure of as a lasting choice for the decor, starting with a sheet set is a practical beginning.  Sheets are relatively inexpensive and will provide a good accent while giving the decor an opportunity to accept a new color.

Our selection of quality olive green sheet sets is available in all sizes.