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Nightmare Before Christmas Bedding for the Brave Youngsters

Nightmare Before Christmas Bedding

Some of us have children — or grandchildren — who are thrilled by the “Nightmare Before Christmas” story.  Believe it or not, Nightmare Before Christmas bedding sets have become a favorite for kids.  I cannot recommend it for the very young who may have trouble with nightmares.  Although there is little to really terrify a child and most love the story, the cool gray shades of the comforter or bedding set can be a little eery for the youngest.

Of course, for those kids who love the story, why not go all out for the holidays beginning with the official Nightmare Before Christmas comforter sets.  Please click the picture above for the availability of sizes and pricing or click here for all Nightmare Before Christmas items, including bedding, lights and wall stickers.

The comforter set comes with matching pillow cases.

Even with the black and gray shades, the bedding set does not have to be dull.  Add either some bright red or a little hot pink and boys and girls will feel the joy of the holiday season.  In the case of the “nightmare” bedding, the kids will be thrilled with the creatures portrayed on the panels and Mom will be able to decorate with brighter colors to make the season festive.

For the parent who is not fond of having Jack Skellington as the primary character to represent Christmas, there are alternatives that may please the youngster without dominating the bedroom.

Nightmare before Christmas fleece throwBeginning with the “Nightmare Before Christmas” fleece throw, we found this very inexpensive and warm throw suitable for easy decorating without breaking the bank or feeling as if Jack Skellington will always be a part of the decor.  The kids we asked loved the idea of the lighter weight throw.  They can carry it to the family room for snuggling on the sofa while watching Tim Burton’s film with the family.

At less than $15.00, a throw for each of the family members will be affordable.



By the way, if you do not have a copy of the movie, click here.  The kids or grandkids will love you!  and, scare you!