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Nautical Bedding Selections

Perhaps because I grew up on the beach, I am very fond of nautical bedding and beach bedding.  Of course, over the years the decor has been upgraded and updated.  Below are a few of my suggestions for the bedroom along with a few suggestions on the decor that will complete the bedroom for the nautical theme.

Twin, King
Tommy Hilfiger
Mariner's Cove Collection
Greenland Nautical Stripes

Full/Queen, King
Astrid Duvet Set

Full/Queen, Oversized King
Trina Turk Horizontal Stripe

Twin, Full, Queen, King
Mizone Ashton

Twin/TXL, Full/Queen
Stanford Duvet Cover Set

Twin, Full, Queen, King

Twin, Full, Queen, King
Coral Reef Underwater Sea Life

Selecting Nautical Bedding for the Decor

typical nautical beddingTypically speaking, nautical bedding begins with a shade of blue.  The range goes from medium blue to navy blue and can vary to a shade of turquoise or teal.  In other words, pick just about any shade of blue as the basis.  White is another typical color that plays into the theme.  The third color in the nautical scheme seems most often to be red.  That is not to say that the color scheme is stuck with the three basic colors.  It is just a starting point.

Striped bedding — either vertical or horizontal, regular or asymmetric — is another typical component of nautical bedding and nautical themes.  The bedding ensemble shown in this section incorporates all the conditions for the nautical theme.  I love this ensemble.

Now that I have covered the more conventional components of the theme, let me say that there are many variations that will work.  I prefer to begin with a shade of blue, but with that understanding the pattern is far more flexible than just the typical striped pattern.

Beginning with Solid Blue Bedding

navy blue duvet setOne of the simplest decors I have seen in the nautical theme started with a solid blue comforter set.  The look was amazing — and simple.

A navy blue comforter is not nautical in theme, but it is the canvas upon which to build the decor if you should decide to start from scratch.  I like the idea of starting with a solid color comforter because when it is time to change the decor the comforter will still be ready to accept another theme easily.

What to look for in the solid blue comforter — and what to avoid.  Pick a shade of blue that can easily be combined with other shades of blue that are more demonstrative of the nautical theme.

Keep the comforter simple. Go for a smooth surface.  Avoid textured fabrics, quilting, and denim.  Go for plain.  The comforter is the canvas upon which the textures and designs will be added — pillows and shams.

I like the navy blue because it is easy to find accessory pieces that will work well with it, such as accent pillows or shams, a wall decor life preserver or other add-ons.

Add white sheets, nice and crisp.  You have a two color combination.  All that is left for the bed is to add a few pillows and maybe some wall decor.

A quick look around and I was able to find the decor below.

A quick trip to a thrift store, surplus store or a boat store and you should be able to find a wood paddle to place beside the bed or an old sea lantern to put on a table or night stand.  Use your imagination and have fun.  That’s what decorating is all about.

Nautical Bedding Sets

blue and white nautical beddingStripes are the most obvious choice.  When searching for the right bedding ensemble for your room, do not limit yourself to a set that is described as nautical.  You know what you feel comfortable with.  Just look for the color that will work in your bedroom.  The stripes may be regular or asymmetrical.

red white and blue nautical beddingAnother option is the blocked bedding design.  Whether it is red, white and blue or a combination of shades of blue, determine what catches your eye and work from there.

Generally speaking, the red, white and blue ensemble will work better in a teen’s bedroom.  It can also work in the master bedroom if the theme is carried out with the emphasis on the tri-color scheme.

blue on blue nautical bedding ensembleThe darker blue with the lighter turquoise is a good choice for the master bedroom for the decorator who does not want to go with a striped pattern.  Look carefully and notice the paddle resting against the wall.  In this case, the accents will probably be a natural wood decor.

It is easy to see that if you start with the blue — in almost any tint or shade — and work from there, creating a nautical decor may be easier than you ever thought.  Keep your personality as a part of the decor.  After all, you should be comfortable in the room where you sleep.

Have fun!  and create!