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Nautical Baby Bedding

Don’t forget the baby this summer! Create a wonderful nursery featuring nautical baby bedding.

Cape Cod Collection
6 Pieces

JoJo Designs
Come Sail Away
9 Pieces

Boy Sailor
13 Pieces

JoJo Designs
Nautical Nights
9 Pieces

The new mom will enjoy decorating the nursery in a fun and lightweight nautical design that will coordinate with the nautical decor of the home or separately as a theme for the newest family member.

Parents and home decorators are ready to create a theme that will incorporate the entire family. What could be better? With so many accessories that come with the crib sets it is easier than ever to select a bedding set for the baby.

There are also many accessories that can be purchased separately that will expand the theme and keep it from being repetitive.

What to Look for in Nautical Baby Bedding

The first thing to look for is a name brand that you know. While I am not one to stick strictly to name brand items, when it comes to the baby I prefer to stick to the tried and true. It is important to know that the quality is exactly what you would expect. Baby brands do not last if the quality is not there.

Another thing to look for is the transition from baby bedding to toddler bedding. Many parents are not purchasing cribs that convert to toddler beds. AND, many manufacturers are creating baby bedding that also transitions from the crib to the toddler bed. Check out for nautical baby bedding selections to make sure there are transitional pieces.

Buy Extras When Possible

Let’s be real. Baby bedding is not cheap. Nautical baby bedding is not cheap. When possible purchase extra sheets or covers. Of course, it is not always possible to purchase sheets that match exactly. White baby sheets are always a good option. Keeping a supply on hand will make the daily chores easier and keep the nautical baby bedding set clean and ready for a visit from the grandparents.

Of course, selecting any of the colors in the themed ensemble will complement the nursery, so pick and choose as your tastes dictate.