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Measuring for a dust ruffle is much like measuring for a straight bedskirt.  However, if the dust ruffle is full (closely gathered) the measurement will be more forgiving than for a bedskirt.  Please note that the most common drop for a dust ruffle is 18″ although they can be found in drops from 15″.  Purchasing the proper size and drop can prevent the dust ruffle from being overwhelming or appearing skimpy.

To see the stain dust ruffle a variety of colors click the pic.

To see the stain dust ruffle a variety of colors click the pic.

Many dust ruffles are easily attached to the box spring instead of requiring that the mattress be removed and the dust ruffle being spread across the box springs.  Although the preference would be a complete dust ruffle rather than an attachable one, either will work.  The preference for a full dust ruffle is easy to explain.  The fitted dust ruffle will stay in place and not come off on a corner or midway the side of the bed.  It is a little more trouble to put onto the bed as the mattress would have to be removed, the full dust ruffle put on across the box spring and the mattress replaced.

The easy attachable dust ruffle clips onto the side of the box springs.  In some cases this may be preferred.  However, for the overall appearance the complete dust ruffle rather than the attachable one is suggested.

To measure for the dust ruffle use a tape measure to determine the distance between the top of the box springs and the floor.  Ordinarily subtract an inch from the measurement to prevent the ruffle from touching the floor.  As mentioned in the discussion of bedskirts the dust ruffle is more forgiving than the bedskirt.  The fullness of the dust ruffle will often hide the fact that the ruffle is a little short.  However, it is strongly suggested that every attempt be made to find a dust ruffle that fits properly.