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Measuring for a Bed Skirt

A bed skirt can be a complement to the bedroom decor or it can be a disaster.  When selecting a bed skirt a correct measurment is essential for the perfect look and fit.

Know the size of the bed. Before purchasing a bed skirt the size of the mattress must be determined.  The bed skirt will come in sizes the same as sheets.  Always consider that the bed skirt size should be the same size as the fitted sheet.  If the fitted sheets used on the bed are twin size, the bed skirt should be a twin size.  It is absolutely essential to know the difference between the size of a king size bed and a California king.  Those few inches of difference really count when purchasing a bed skirt.

A white striped Eqyptian cotton bedskirt that is properly fitted

A white striped Eqyptian cotton bedskirt that is properly fitted.

Bed skirts are less forgiving than dust ruffles.  According to our distinction between bed skirts and dust ruffles bed skirts hang straight.  Dust ruffles are fuller due to the ruffle effect.

Measuring for a bed skirt, after determining the mattress size, requires a tape measure.  Begin at the cording or the edge of the box spring and measure to the floor.  The skirt of the bed skirt should be no more than one inch less than the distance between the edge of the box spring and the floor for a good full appearance.

One trick to determine the length of the skirt is to use a towel to measure.  Tuck the towel between the mattress and box springs leaving enough of the towel to emulate the bed skirt.  When the towel is in place stand and walk around the bed.  Look down at the down from the standing position.  The towel should not be touching the floor but should appear as if is almost touching it.

This is most important around the legs of the bed.  Unless the bed has posts and a split is desired at the legs and posts the legs should not appear.  As many of our mothers used to comment on “high water pants” so it is with a bed skirt.  If it is too short it will appear skimpy and destroy the look.

If using the towel method to measure once the towel is in place measure the exposed drop of the towel.  Be sure to write down the length of the desired bedskirt drop.  Most retail bed skirts have a drop of between 15″ and 18″.

Attention:  When shopping for a bed skirt all to often the consumer will find “the perfect bed skirt” based on pattern or color.  The drop may be an inch shorter than the measurement taken at home or an inch longer.

Use the towel test to find the range of lengths of the drop that will work without looking skimpy or being too long.  Do not waste time or money purchasing a bedskirt that will brush the floor or look like “high water pants.”