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Purple Bedding for Spring: Madison Park Amherst Duvet Set

Madison Amherst Purple Bedding

Purple bedding has made it into the spring bedding selections!  Put away those dark amethyst shades and complete the bedroom decor with this gorgeous Madison Park Amherst Comforter set that includes 7 pieces.

Violet and plum — who said purple was dull? — are the predominant colors placed on a silver gray background.  When white would be too bright or too much of a contrast, why not take a look at this softer background that only makes the shades of purple stand out in the decor?  Add a silver gray set of sheets or match the shade of violet or plum.  The sheet set selection will totally change the overall visual appeal.

Available in QUEEN, KING, and California KING sizes, this purple comforter set is designed for the master bedroom.

Each set includes a duvet cover, 2 standard shams, bedskirt, and 3 decorative pillows.



Madison Park Laurel Comforter set 

The Madison Park Amherst Comforter set was gorgeous enough, but with it being out of stock we are more than pleased to present the Laurel Set.  Combining a soft plum color with elegance and luxury, all that is needed is a white accent.

This set is ideal for the white or off-white (Navajo White) wall.  All that is needed is the accents in white or a shade of ivory to tie the decor together.  With white accents (as shown above) it is quite possible for this ensemble to work quite well with other colors such as the beige walls in the picture above.

What is important when selecting a shade of purple for the spring decor is to use lighter colors as the accent and to avoid the darker shades of purple.  What is even more accommodating about this ensemble is that a simple change of accent colors to a darker hue will take the elegance of the Laurel set into fall and winter.  Ordinarily, we would suggest a change of bedding, but this comforter set is so appealing with its attention to detail that it would be hard to give it up as the seasons change.  For that reason we are suggesting a simple change of accent colors.

This set is available in QUEEN, KING, and CALIFORNIA KING sizes.

Madison Park Laurel Comforter Set