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Luxury Pink Matelasse Bedding Set

pink matelasse bedspread

There is pink bedding and then there is rich dark PINK matelasse bedding that is nothing short of style, elegance and luxury.  Matelasse is one of those weaves that many of us think of as elegant and luxurious.  It is from the French, meaning quilted or padded.  It is the creation process that gives the texture and lends the name to the fabric.

This bedding comes with a scrolling leaf pattern that looks fresh and new while giving the cover a beautiful vintage elegance.  To make the matelasse ensemble even better, accessories can be purchased in the same color or in accent colors (as shown). The scalloped edge of the top cover is the finishing touch that adds that touch of class and elegance.  What is most surprising is the affordability of the bedding.

For those familiar with cotton, Supima cotton is made from the long staples native to Egyptian cotton.  In fact, Pima cotton or the Supima trademark is as elegant and as fine as any from the Nile region.  The pink bedding shown is made of 100% Supima cotton.

Whether the little girl has grown into a young lady and is ready for her first “grown up” bedroom decor or the woman wants to show her soft and feminine side, this ensemble is soft enough to be inviting and elegant enough to be impressive.

Available in TWIN, FULL, QUEEN, KING sizes.  BLUSH.



During the winter months often the lighter shades are not readily available.  As spring approaches the lighter and brighter shades of matelasse will appear.

Most noticeable is that whether the pink is a pastel or a blush or even a darker shade, the colors are rich.  With yarn dyed fabric as the basis of our matelasse selections the colors are sure to remain rich and even in tone.  Of course, proper washing is the key to keeping any bedding selections colorful.