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Lime Green Bedding | Lime Green Comforter Sets

Lime green bedding is the color of spring, fresh and cool.  When selecting bedding in this wonderful color for the bedroom, Bedding Selections made our best choices based on color, price for the quality, and visual appeal.  If lime green is a little too bright for the decor, there are plenty of selections in other shades of green bedding.

Lime green is not a color for everyone, but it is a color of spring.  When we think in terms of new life and new growth a look out the window into a spring garden will show the light yellowish green that makes us feel the warm days and cool nights of a new season.

Among current trends, lime green bedding sets that feature additional colors or those ensembles that use lime green as the accent color have become more and more popular for fall.  Perhaps one reason for the wide acceptance of lime green is that it transitions easily from one season to the next with only accent colors changing.

For example, selecting an ensemble that features brown or black can easily work in the spring to summer months with the accent being on the lime green or even on a pure white.  As summer draws to a close changing the accent to the darker shades can work the bedding into the next season.

Be sure to see our examples below and those to the right.  We have picked our favorites for this year.

lime green comforter reversible


A solid lime green comforter, especially this reversible green and turquoise set, on a white bed is nothing short of soft and cool for spring.  While the solid comforter looks remarkably appealing on a white bed, it should be noted that this comforter will work in almost any room with almost any color scheme.



Of course, there are exceptions.  However, think of a dark blue room or peach colored walls or even a lovely shade of turquoise.  Why not consider brightening a shade of beige or mocha with spring’s freshest shade?  In other words, a solid lime green comforter is an investment that will work now and in the future.


By popular demand, we have added the lime green and black zebra print bedding ensemble.

This zebra color scheme is available in TWIN, TWIN XL, FULL, and QUEEN.

There is nothing quite like mixing a wild print with a wild color scheme.

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If there is one thing to remember when selecting lime green bedding, it is that the basic color will work well with almost any decor.  The art of pulling lime green into the bedroom by way of the bedding ensemble is to select a set that incorporates a color that either matches or blends with the color of the walls or carpet.

Our selections have demonstrated the wide range of choices that come with lime green.  From the softest of solids to the demure chic styling of gray and white on lime to the vibrant and bold floral designs in lavender to the wildest of zebra prints, lime green can become the boldest color in the bedroom or find a softer look for a spring green.

If you don’t see the perfect bedding for your decor, check out our other green comforter sets.