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King Size Duvet Covers in a Variety of Textures and Colors


The King Size Duvet

King size duvet covers are certainly a must for anyone who enjoys a king size duvet.  The purpose of duvet covers is two-fold.

  • First the king size duvet cover will protect the outer fabric of the duvet.  The cost of a goose down filled duvet is one that prohibitive for many, especially if there is a necessity to display more than one color or pattern.  Unlike cotton or fiber filled comforters, duvets are relatively expensive.
  • The secondary purpose of king size duvet cover is to afford a variety of colors, styles, and patterns in bedding without an additional investment in another king size duvet.

As shown above the king size duvet is large and distinguished by the squares sewn to proportion the goose down within.  Many choose to use the duvet without a cover.  Certainly, duvets can be purchased in a variety of rather neutral colors and pastel shades.  However, may of us wish to add more color or design to our bedroom decor.

King Size Duvet Covers Can Change the Mood and Decor of a Bedroom


Camel Microsuded King Size Duvet CoverBlue Ridge Microsuede 3-Piece Duvet Set

The king size duvet cover to the left is a totally different texture from the one above.  The first major difference is the fabric.  Microsuede is a soft casual fabric that is ideal for a contemporary decor or a less formal setting than the damask.  The second difference is color.  The camel color of this particular king size duvet cover set is almost a peach tone, adding brightness to the room and less formality.

Silver Grey Hotel style king size duvet cover ensemblePinzon Hotel Banded Egyptian Sateen Duvet

First of all, the hotel style bed linens have become the hottest trend in today’s bedding.  That said, the contemporary sateen king size duvet cover set to the left is designed for the bed with a simple headboard and straight lines.  Think of being in a hotel.  The lines are clean and neat.  This king size duvet cover is designed for a more modern setting as opposed to a four poster bed.


Above are just two examples of king size duvet covers that can transform any king size duvet into a perfect complement for any bedroom.