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The market today is saturated with kids bedding.  Whether Sponge Bob or Miley Cyrus is the focus, there are sheets and pillowcases to suit almost every child.

Much of the kids bedding today can be purchased in lower end retail stores or in discount “box” stores.  The store presentation is designed to attract the attention of the younger set.  Much like toys or cereal boxes, children are often attracted to their favorite characters.

Often the prices of colorful kids bedding is inexpensive enough to get the parent to give in to the latest fad.  The colorful sheets with the cartoon character or the icon of the day can set a theme for the child’s bedroom.  Often, selecting special characters representing a kid’s world can set a theme for the decor.

While many of the selections come as sets, two sheets and a pillow case, it is suggested that the parent select a comforter with the desired design and/or the flat sheet.  Due to the colorful nature of kids bedding, a parent could select one or more fitted sheets in a solid color that would pick up primary colors in the theme sheet. 

There are several reasons for this suggestion.  First, many of the theme bed linens are very busy with design and could overwhelm a smaller bedroom.  Second, if the theme sheet has three colors, it allows the parent to mix and match while giving the child the benefit of the pattern.  For example, let’s assume the theme sheet has three primary colors on a white background.  The parent could purchase a solid fitted sheet in each of the primary colors with matching pillow cases.  This would allow for several combinations.

If there is one word of caution when buying patterned theme bedding for a child it would be that many producers of these sheets are selling the pattern or design more than the quality of sheet.  Children with soft skin need a soft sheet to prevent chafing.  Purchasing high quality fitted sheets and pillowcases in solid colors would satisfy the criteria while allowing the kid the freedom to express himself or herself.

Another consideration is that all too often the less expensive printed sheets will fade more quickly than higher end sheets.  Washing should be done in cold water.  It is good to add a half cup of salt to the wash water to prevent “bleeding” or fading.  Dry on a lower temperature to prevent shrinkage.

Kids bedding is a delightful way to create a welcoming environment for the youngster.  However, children often do not care if they have the full set or a single sheet, as long as they have the design of choice.  By shopping carefully, while remembering that bedding is primarily designed for comfortable sleeping, a parent can meet the quality requirements while adding color and interest to a child’s bedroom.