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It Is the Time of Year for Flannel Sheets

Winter has already arrived in some areas.  Some of us are still waiting for our first freeze.  However, it is time to begin thinking of our bedding for winter.  In most parts of the country flannel bedding has proved to be particular desirable during the winter months.

plaid flannel sheetsFlannel bedding is purchased according to weight, not thread count.  Please refer to our article on how flannel is rated and how the weight is calculated for more information.  Before purchasing flannel sheets, you need to know what to look for in the fabric.

Flannel is made from woven cotton.  The relative quality is calculate according to weight as previously mentioned.  While many people believe that the higher the thread count when purchasing cotton linens, the more the fabric weighs may not be the qualifier for flannel sheets.  It really depends on where a person lives and the temperature of the interior of the home over night.  Generally speaking, a four ounce flannel is more than adequate for most of us.  While the six ounce weight may appeal to some in the northern part of the country, anything heavier and we would need to sleep in an igloo in Alaska to be comfortable.  Do not be taken in by believing that the heavier the flannel the better the quality.  About the best thing we can understand with confidence is that the heavier weight leads to warmer bedding.

solid blue flannel sheetsWhen it is time to purchase sheets for the winter, if you are unsure as to whether to invest in flannel sheets, it is suggested that you consider the differences between flannel bedding and bedding that is rated by thread count such as cotton and percale.

The only other major concern when purchasing flannel sheets and pillow cases, flannel comforters and shams is the proper care.  Flannel bedding will stay quite comfortable for years if properly washed and dried.  While no flannel will be entirely “pill” free over time, with proper care the pilling can be minimized to the point where it will not be a concern.

Armed with the information necessary to make a wise purchase, selecting the size of the bedding needed, the colors of choice and the pieces desired are all that is left.