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Introduction to Brown Bedding for Fall

There are few of us who immediately decide on brown bedding for our master suites, even during autumn when it is an ideal color selection.  Below are a few examples of some of my favorite combinations of colors and styles followed by a discussion of best use.

Hotel Meridian Sepia

Queen, King, Cal. King
Hotel Columns Collection

Queen, King, Cal. King
Croscill Galleria

Queen, King, Cal. King

Full, Queen, King, Cal. King
Madison Park Palmer

Queen, King, Cal. King

The Multiple Styles of Brown Bedding

Hotel Styling

Let me begin with the basics.  The Hotel Collection has definitely expanded over the past few years, but remains on the the cleanest of all the styles available.  The lines are crisp and the patterns are elegant but subdued.  Additionally, most hotel style brown bedding leaves open an opportunity to show off personal creativity.

hotel style brown beddingThe first selection that emphasizes a warm chocolate brown combined with a warm shade of ivory is about as basic as the hotel style can be.  When the design hit the market this was the one and only style.  It is still a favorite among many of us, with the duo-tone coloring and the clean crisp lines that seem to outline the bed and draw our attention to the neatness and crispness of the overall decor.

For the home decorator who is ready to build her decor and her confidence this selection is a great place to begin.  It is casual, yet elegant and will work with almost any decor.

chocolate brown bedding in columns hotel styleA newer design is the monotone, multi-textured hotel style.  The selection to the left is definitely designed for the bedroom that is slightly more formal that the first selection in this section.

The texture is what gives the solid chocolate brown bedding its real flavor.  This selection works well in the home decor that tends toward darker wood furniture, maybe cherry or mahogany.  Of course, it would show up well on white bedroom furniture.  I would suggest going either with modern white furniture or the more traditional Queen Anne or Chippendale styles.

The color and the texture will not work as well with Early American styles as the bedding color would drain the intensity of the wood furniture while the texture would appear to formal for the more casual style furniture.

I find this selection to be extremely versatile once the setting has been determined.  It can be used with ivory sheets and accents during the fall and winter and transformed with stark white sheets and accents during the spring and summer.  When selecting any solid color, it is important to remember that two additional colors are quite appropriate, one as the secondary color, the other as an accent.  This leaves the selection open to many variations in appearance.

The Elegant Country Cottage Style

mystique croscill beddingWhether following the English country cottage styling or the French Country persuasion, the tan (lightest brown) and red ensemble will be welcomes.  This ensemble (and the next discussed) was selected to remind the home decorator that not all brown bedding is a deep chocolate shade.  In fact, this selection is one of the lightest shades of brown on the scale.

I have selected this ensemble to help open the mind to the possibilities.  The combination of brown and red in this case is much dependent on the floral pattern of the comforter and the delicate insertion of the muted pattern along the pillows and sheets.

Even in a bedroom with dark chocolate walls, this ensemble would stand out and display exquisite taste.

croscill laviano blue and brown beddingThe selection left is another display of the lightest of shades of brown in combination with the palest of blues.  Please note that while the first picture in this section is displayed in an obviously English country cottage bedroom, this lovely ensemble is displayed as French country.  Please note the headboard design and color scheme.

For autumn this selection brings enough warmth with the light brown patterns into a very light blue bedroom.

Animal Prints in Brown

brown bedding in giraffe printFor some of us bringing a bit of the jungle into the bedroom is irresistible.  For that reason I have selected a few easy to work with brown basics from the animal kingdom.

Well, maybe from the Serengeti!  The giraffe print is our first selection.  The pattern is not overwhelming but is quite definitive.  Unlike some animal prints that dominate the entire bedroom decor, the giraffe print is a complement leaving creative room to enhance the decor with additional animal highlights or let the simple comforter pattern say it all.

Of course, there are leopard and cheetah prints as well as zebra prints that use shades of brown.  While all are popular, I find the giraffe print to be most effective for fall.

Casual Brown Bedding

casual brown bedding for fall

There are so many casual bedding ensembles in brown that it is hard to pick a single set.  I have selected this more modern style to the left as my favorite example of the season.  The lines are clean and crisp and the bold horizontal panels are easy to decorate around.

Personally, unless I am working to display a single style such as French Country or only using Queen Anne and Chippendale furniture I prefer the leeway given by more casual bedding.  It leaves the world of accent colors and design possibilities wide open.