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Hotel Collection Sheets to Complement Your Hotel Bedding Selections

Hotel bedding has become more and more popular over the past few years.  One reason is the crisp, clean lines of the comforters that set the tone for the ensembles.  However, one of the most important finishing touches is to add the perfect hotel collection sheets set.  Again, the clean crisp lines are what make the sheets a complement to the comforter or duvet set.

Several designers have suggested that the simplicity of the lines create an elegant, yet minimalist decor.  Simplicity can be the most elegant of designs.

For example the Pinzon Hotel Stitch 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheet Sets shown to the left are as elegant as one could expect in a 5-star hotel.

The Pinzon sheets are a clean white.  The elegance comes from the deep 6″ hems and the double pinstripes in colors that match the comforters or duvet covers.  After selecting the perfect ensemble, selecting coordinating sheets has never been easier.

Colors available are black, navy, silver blue, plum, Bordeaux, espresso, sage, silver grey, taupe, and chocolate.  Most colors are available in full, queen, king and California king sizes.  Even for those who do not use the hotel style bedding comforters or duvet covers can appreciate the elegance of these soft, yet sturdy sheets.

Hotel Diamond 500 Thread Count Sheet Sets offer a different complementary look for the hotel style bedding ensemble.  Simply elegant in solid colors describe these sheets.

The general availability of the Hotel Diamond series is full, queen, king, and California king.  The color selections are white, ecru, butter, celadon, slate, and claret (shown).  Not all colors are available in all sizes.

From the first two patterns or color combinations it is quite easy to see that a bedroom decor can be dramatically changed by the sheet selections.  While the first is clean and cool with minimally striped hems, the second is a solid color selection that will add full bodied color to serve as a background to the comforter or duvet cover.

When looking for luxury sheets to complement the hotel bedding style, there is little more elegant than the solid striped sheets.  The stripe is in the weave, making the subtly of the elegance even more outstanding for the decor.

Dobby Stripe Sheets have become one of the most sought after designs.  The weave demonstrates the luxury.  The colors are magnificent.  It is easy enough to complement any hotel bedding selection with this style and design.

Three totally different looks in sheet sets, all work well with hotel style bedding.  One bedding ensemble in the hotel style can easily be transformed into three distinct looks by changing the style of sheet.