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Hotel Bedding Offers Clean and Crisp Lines

Hotel bedding has hit the interior decorating field like nothing else in recent history.  The crisp clean lines are showing up in almost every bedroom decor scheme.  For spring the clean lines are a welcome change from the heavier patterns used for winter bedding.

How many times have we heard someone ask, “Why would anyone want hotel bedding?”  Perhaps, they have not seen the style or the colors.

What makes hotel bedding special?  The linear design that is never too busy, but gives a wonderful combination of two colors. Occasionally, we will come across a hotel bedding set that is monochromatic, but to get the true feel of the style most hotel bedding sets come with two colors in the pattern.

One of the real benefits of the clean lines of hotel bedding is that during the spring and summer months in particular, it is so easy to place a colorful vase of flowers on the nightstand to add the accent color.  The combinations are so well suited that together the bedding gives a very neutral appearance to any decor without losing any of its style.

Very little is needed to complete the bedroom decor with the selection of this style bedding.  However, the simplicity is extremely forgiving and will accept almost any additions to the bedroom without losing the styling.

Silver and Grey Hotel BeddingWhen the need is for the ultra subtle, this beautiful silver and grey hotel bedding set offers a cool welcome to the bedroom.  The silver and grey are waiting for a red accent perhaps.  In fact, almost any color will work well with this bedding set.  Why not try something bright?


Need a little more color?  Take a look at the navy with white hotel bedding.  This set is ideal for spring and summer.  The white keeps it cool.  The navy will not show dirt.

Best of all, select a color to complement the set and you are finished!

Select from any number of color combinations.  There is certainly one for your decor.