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Hot Pink Zebra Print Comforter (Twin, Full, Queen)

One of the most requested bedding selections is the hot pink zebra print comforter.  This bedding ensemble is one of the most popular on our site.  It is a favorite among teens and has found its way into many teen bedrooms.  And what a great choice, it is!  Available in twin, full or queen, this comforter set is available for most teens’ bedrooms.

What is included with the Hot Pink Zebra Print Comforter Set?

  • Funky animal print featuring zebra-like stripes in hot pink and black.
  • Full Set includes: comforter, two standard shams, flat sheet, fitted sheet and two standard pillowcases.
  • Sheet set is included. All components are machine washable.
  • See details for Twin and Queen sizes



The hot pink zebra print is well combined with the black stripe.  While it would be easy for this set to be overwhelming, the softer leopard spots on the pink background on the reverse side of the comforter and on the supplemental pieces mitigate the dominate pattern and form a subtle background to the prominent zebra pattern.

Depending on the bedroom size it could be wise to avoid the matching zebra patterned curtains, although most consider the matching curtains to be the finishing touch to the decor.  Whether the choice is to go with or without the matching window treatment, selecting throw pillows in a solid matching pink will diffuse the zebra stripes, giving the bedroom breathing room.

When decorating with the hot pink and black stripes, there is always room for a third color to accent the decor.  In the case of this bright pattern, it could be an asset to select a lighter shade of turquoise as an accent color to be used extremely sparingly.  Whatever third color is selected for the diversionary color, it should be used with care.  Too much of an accent amid the powerful design could make any size bedroom look cluttered.  The selection of a few pieces, such as a jewelry box or the matting on a picture could suffice.

What if the Bedroom Walls Are Pink?

Depending on the shade of pink, this pink zebra print bedding ensemble may work well.  If the shade of pink is very light, this bedding ensemble will probably work well.  In the case of a deeper pink wall, it could be a better choice to select the more traditional black and white zebra print bedding.  Adding a hot pink throw pillow to the bed will tie the decor together.