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Holiday Flannel Sheets for Young and Old

Take a look at our favorite holiday flannel sheets!  It is getting cold and the holiday season is upon us.  Now is the time to look for those wonderfully warm holiday flannel sheets.

Pointehaven Blue with Snowflakes
All Sizes Available

Fun in the Snow

As you can see, the majority of the holiday flannel sheets involve a shade of blue at the present time.  However, as we get closer to Christmas chances are, like most years, there will be more colorful patterned flannel sheets available.

One of the benefits of holiday flannel sheets for the kids’ rooms is that in many cases, particularly if the bedspread or the comforter is a solid color, the sheets will be all that will be needed to update the room for the holiday season and for winter.  Picking up on the colors in the sheets will allow most home decorators to use a variety of colors.

Also, notice the cute penguin sheet set!  While the set is not necessarily designed for the holiday season, the penguin idea is cute enough to use for Christmas and throughout the winter months.

The snowflake patterns which are plentiful this year are always a wise choice.  The pattern can be used throughout the colder winter months, not just for the brief holiday season.

When purchasing flannel (or fleece) sheets, it is important to know that the weight is what is important rather than the thread count.  Proper care of holiday flannel sheets will help them stay vibrant in color and smooth in texture for years to come.  Click here for washing instructions.